NOTD - Sinful Colors Nail Junkie

My heart literally skipped a beat when I heard Sinful Colours were heading to Boots stores across the UK. Then my heart skipped another beat when I discover they were only £1.99. And again when I actually spotted the stand in my nearest bigger Boots!

I do tend to get over excited when it comes to nail polish but trust me, Sinful Colors = A Nail lovers dream. So I have one of many newly purchased Sinful Colors nail polishes to show you today and it truly is a beaut! 

Firstly I have to comment on the shade name of this polish 'Nail Junkie' £1.99 (available on Boots online here or find your nearest SC stand here) as I feel it's just perfect for an amazing shade like this. In fact in a recent post I was holding a product and my thumb nail could be seen in the image with this nail polish on and I actually had three questions on what the nail polish was! So this definitely is one for nail junkies!

With all glitter top coats I like to try it out on one nail first to see if it needs a similar coloured base coat as some glitters are quite sparse and some are quite packed glitter, but it is hard to tell from looking at the bottle. So I tested it out and came to the decision that a normal nail polish base coat would make for a nicer effect as I felt the glitter would need too many coats to become opaque which could result in it smudging or at the very least be really difficult to remove. You have to do risk analysis when you are a nail junkie after all! So I decided to use Max Factor Graffiti (£3.99 from Boots/Superdrug) which is actually an amazing nail polish and so similar in tone to Sinful Colours Nail Junkie. 

After applying two coats of 'Graffiti' to my nails I only needed to apply two coats of 'Nail Junkie' and was amazed at the multi tonal glitter finish. But then it really came to life when I added my trusty NYC Top Coat (£1.79 from Superdrug). The finish and consistancy of this polish actually reminds me of much higher end nail polish!

Nail Junkie is truly an amazing nail polish and creates perfect mermaid like nails. I feel I need all 9 Sinful Colors glitter nail polishes now! 

Fee xo. 
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