June Wish List


Whenever I start thinking I don't need any more new products things start to pop up to tempt me. For example, last week I was food shopping in Tesco and discovered they now stock Pacifica, well more specifically the amazing roll-on perfumes. Then I get sent a PR email telling me about the new Indeed Laboratories sampler set (the creators of Nanoblur) which costs only £13.

Then of course there are always fellow bloggers that never fail to make me believe I need something or other!

Dove Nourishing Oil Leave-in Spray
 £3.59/200ml - Boots here
Speaking of bloggers, this average looking haircare spray has been doing the round on blog for the past 6 months with pretty much rave reviews! Which in the blogging world means it is pretty epic. For the low price I need to get my hands of this and try it out even though I have a bazillion oils for my hair now. 

Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitiser
£2.84 free p&p - eBay here 
I always carry a hand sanitiser round with me in my handbag as you never know which toilets will have a dodgy broken hand dryer or no paper towels, plus they are always handy after makeup swatching. But the UK clearly don't think hygiene can be fun, with the likes of Boots only stocking alcohol or cucumber smelling gels... with the exception of the S&G one. There for to eBay I must go and purchase some yummy scented Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitisers that come in so many different scents. I have my eye on Vanilla Cupcake, Fresh Picked Strawberries and Warm Vanilla Sugar. I have already tried one of these before in Cherry Blossom so know they are good! 

Etude House Peel Off Base Coat  
£3.62 free p&p - eBay here 
 As a lover of glitter nail polish I'm surprised at myself at not trying this out. On my laptop screen this reads like an answer to my glitter nail polish removal nightmares but I can't help but wonder why the UK market hasn't caught on to this peel off base coat idea. Fingers crossed that it works well though!


Indeed Labs Sampler Kit 
 £12.99 - Boots here
This sample set includes 3 minis - Hydralruon, Snoxin and Nanoblur, all of which have received 5 star reviews both on and offline. The only thing that is putting me off with this set is that the samples are only 5ml each meaning you are paying £12 for 15ml of product... not so savvy really. But I have been dying to test the Nanoblur primer out. 

Etude House Water Colour Blush
£4-5 each - eBay 
 If you have read Makeup Savvy for any time then you will know I am very much in to cream and liquid blushers, so this range from Etude House really excites me. The range consists of Strawberry Pink, Peach Coral, Baby Apricot and Lilac and as you can see come in oh so cute oil paint style tubes. Unfortunately I can't find these anymore on eBay but if I do I will update this post with the link and also tweet about it.

 Sanctuary Mela Rose & Pistachio Body Butter
£10.00/300ml - Boots here 
Yesterday I wrote a review of the Soap & Glory Buttercream (here) which is a heavenly scented pistachio and vanilla body butter and I also mentioned my love for pistachio scented moisturiser. So now this Sanctuary body butter is my next one to try out. You can buy a huge tub of this but I will be opting to try out the mini one (50ml/£2.95) first.

Pacifica Ruby Guava Roll-on Perfume
£12.00 at selected Tesco stores & here
 As I mentioned at the start of this post, my fairly local Tesco (which has one of the new-ish beauty halls) now has a Pacificia stand, which I haven't never seen anywhere before, let alone Tesco! So to say I was excited was an understatment! Of course I tried out all the scents of the perfume roll-ons and they all smelt so fresh and amazing, also so strong but Ruby Guava was difinitely my favourite. I was food shopping at the time so I amazingly didn't let myself purchase it but I think I will cave and buy it by the end of the month. 

Primark on Asos.com 
 I'm sure you all know about this by now but I couldn't not mention it as this is just so great! I can now buy Primark clothes from ASOS and they will arrive the next day with my premier account - amazing! I often find when I shop in Primark all the nicest clothes are gone in my size so hopefully once ASOS add more clothes I will be able to pop online after shopping on the high street and purchase the clothes I want in my size. So far I have my eyes on this maxi dress, this amazing red summer dress and this slouchy hockey t-shirt. 

Hopefully I haven't tempted you too much with anything! 

I'm sure you will spot a few of these products being reviewed on my blog next month, mwahaha!

Fee xo.

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