Oh My Haul - May 2013


Last month was my Birthday month meaning I did quite a lot of shopping. So much so that I had to leave a few things out of this post or it would have just been too long and boring! 

Even though I had 'birthday money' to spend I still found myself snapping up bargains as I love good value for money. 

Yes, of course I do own high end makeup however I only purchase more expensive products when I know I will get a lot of use out of them - foundations, a powder, an amazing nude lipstick. I really don't think I could ever spend over £10 on a single eyeshadow or lip gloss. And even though I'm a total nail polish addict I still can't justify £22.00 on a YSL one when there is China Glaze, OPI and Essie for under £10! 


Sinful Colors obsessed 

Sinful Colors Nail Polishes 
£1.99 - Boots here
 It's no secret that I'm totally obsessed with the new Sinful Colors nail polish in Boots. For the price they really are amazing and come in such a great colour range. In May I picked up 7 of the nail polishes but already I'm lusting after more and have told myself I need the whole glitter range in my life! 

From left to right we have - Easy Going, Pistache, Island Coral, 24/7, All About You, and Nail Junkie. Aren't the shades just lovely! You can see nail posts of Nail Junkie here and 24/7 with some tropical nail art here. I really can't rate these enough.

Fragrance Direct haulin'... again

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Sweetheart Tulips
99p - here  
For the past two months I have totally fallen back in love with Fragrance Direct and can't get enough of how cheap the products on the website are. This purchase was 100% encouraged by Maxi's Fragrance Direct haul as she reminded me how much I love this range. Rimmel's Moisture Renew lipsticks are just perfection, the colours are great and I love how they feel on my lips. These retail for just over £6 each in Boots and Superdrug so 99p is a total bargain! I also purchased a Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish Lipstick in shade 13 (£1.99 here) but forgot to include it in this post. The shade is such a bold orange/coral that has amazing pigmentation.
Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in Peach Petal 
99p - here 
This was a last minute 'It's only 99p!' purchase as these normally retail for £6.99 and I couldn't resist the bargain. A great shade to apply over any lipstick to add a glossy slightly milky sheen. 

Essie Nail Polishes in Mojito Madness and Waltz 
£1.99 - here 
Whenever I'm purchasing a few products from Fragrance Direct I check to see which Essie shades they have in stock because they are an absolute bargain! I went for Waltz as it will be a perfect base for glitter nail polishes and Mojito Madness which I plan to use for the leaf detail in floral nail art, as good 'leaf-y' shades are hard to come by (I'm showing how obsessed with nails I am here!). Right now Fragrance Direct have some amazing summery Essie shades that are worth checking out. You can see swatches of both shades here along with my entire Essie collection.
Astor Shine Delux Lipstick in Rich 
£1.25 - here   
Another last minute purchase that I thought was worth trying out for the price. I've never actually seen this range before but I'm really happy with my purchase. A great light and balmy lipstick for summer that is quite shimmery and light reflective. I'm already looking up more on eBay.

Non-beauy Purchases 

Starlytes in Strawberries & Cream and Anjou Pear 
80p each - JTF Warehouse 
Last month I did a bit of shopping in a trade warehouse which sells anything and everything. I picked up these two candles because I couldn't resist the look of them and the scents. I mean how yummy does strawberries and cream sound! Unfortunately I was really disappointed with both candles as they didn't give off any scent when burning - so annoying! 
 Beetle Necklace 
 On sale £3.00 - H&M in-store
I love the statement jewellery at H&M but it really has shot up in price in the last year or so... I'm talking £15 for a necklace! But thankfully there is always a messy clearance section to riffle through, which is where I found this £3 beauty. The beetle does look like something you would find in a Christmas cracker but I love it none the less.
Geneva Silicone Jelly Watch 
£2.55 - eBay here  
I mentioned these amazingly cheap watches in a wish list post last month because I just couldn't believe just how cheap they were and still can't. I'm so pleased with the white shade and will be purchasing a few more in different shades to go with different accessories. The delivery time of these is also really good and you can expect to receive the product within a week of purchase.

From the High Street

MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighter 
£3.00 - Superdrug 
This is now totally sold out online and really it's no surprise as it is a pretty amazing looking product for only £3. But it is also a lovely powder highlighter that gives a beautiful pearly sheen to the tops of the cheeks. If you do want to get your hands on this then I'd suggest heading to a larger Superdrug store that will have a better chance of having it in stock.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer 
£4.19 - Boots here  
A much needed re-purchase of my favourite concealer. I won't repeat myself by telling you how amazing it is but if you haven't tried this out then seriously, just do!

Eylure Dylash 45 Day Mascara 
£7.50 - Boots here
This is actually an at home eyelashes tinting kit that is for both the eyelashes and eyebrows. I have tried a similar one out before but it was many years ago and I actually did it on myself. However I'm giving it another go to see how if I do any better this time. Eyelash tinting is something that makes a huge difference to my makeup-free face as I have very fair eyelashes that look non existent. If this does work well it will save me quite a bit of money as the product gives up to 12 applications. 
Born Lippy Lip Balm in Pomegranate and Toffee 
£3.00 - TBS online here  
A random purchase when shopping in The Body Shop last month. I haven't seen many reviews online about these which is a bit of a surprise as they are tinted lip balms and really well priced. So I thought I would give them a go to review and try out over summer. I love the scents of these and the shade range is also pretty nice.



Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat 
£5.50 - Amazon here  
Finally I have my nails on a bottle of Seche Vite! I actually withheld from purchasing this for over 2 years as I just didn't want to spend over £10 on a top coat when I was happy with my £1.79 NYC one. But when I spotted it for the bargain of £5.50 on Amazon with free p&p I didn't even consider not buying it! I now totally get why so many love this, the glossy finish it gives is amazing and I didn't even know it gave the nails such a smooth feeling. Not a fan of the thin brush but I can totally put that to one side. I'm not sure how long the top coat will stay at such a low price so if you have wanted to try it out then now is the time. My new favourite top coat... sorry NYC!

KMS Hair Play Dry Shampoo
£3.00 - TK Maxx 
This was a product I picked up and featured in my previous April haul but in a smaller size and the older packaging. So I was totally amazed when I spotted it for the same price on the clearance aisle of TK Maxx, again. I wouldn't pay full price for this as it's a bit steep at £10.00 but I have been so impressed by it, the best dry shampoo I have ever tried in fact. Worth looking out for in your local TK Maxx or Homesense. 
Tony Moly Cat's Wink Mascara 
£3.89 - eBay here
Tony Moly is without a doubt a brand that sucks me in with it's super kitsch, or should I say kawaii, packaging. I didn't need another mascara but who can resist one that is cat shaped. I haven't fully tried this out but I'm going to be doing a round-up of all the Tony Moly products I have purchased from eBay next month.
  Organic Surge Sugared Almond Shower Gel 
99p - JTF Warehouse 
This was the total highlight of my trade shopping as this is my favourite shower gel by Organic Surge that they actually went and discontinued for some silly reason (EDIT - Totally wrong on this, the shower gel is still available at Organic Surge here and I would highly recommend it, along with all the OS shower gels!). Yummy smelling, SLS-free and cheap... what more could I want. I'm actually wondering why I didn't stockpile on them now!
Moringa Body Mist  100ml
£7.50 - TBS online here
I thought I would include this in my 'bargain-smargain' section as The Body Shop are currently offering 40% off all products until 1st July! Meaning this body mist and all the others in the range are only £4.50 online (plus it's  free delivery over £5.00). I already own this and the Vanilla scent but I'm now tempted to get the coconut or strawberry one. This doesn't last as long as a perfume but the scents do smell more like a perfume than a body mist so even 100ml for £7.50 is good value. The code you will need is 'EXTRATREAT'. Also the 40% off code can be used on sale products - here, which is totally amazing... I may have already purchased a few things!

If you have read up to this then well done! A bit of an epic haul post there... but I promise this month's purchases will be a lot less. 

Fee xo. 

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