Review - Soap & Glory Smoothie Star Body Buttercream


Since trying out a few pistachio scented products from the Laura Mercier bath & body range I have been in love with anything of a similar scent (with a cheaper price tag!). So I have been working my way through all the pistachio products I can get my hands on, on the high street.

 My next pistachio discovery was with Nip + Fab's Pistachio Sundae Body Butter which I truly love because of the yummy nutty scent and texture of the butter. I'm also glad to see it's available in a 50ml travel size, making it cheaper to buy and ideal for taking on holiday with me. 

But now I am on to Soap & Glory's Smoothie Star Body Buttercream (300ml/£10.50 - Boots here) and really it is true love. What I love about anything with a pistachio scent is the gourmand element to it, it makes me think of yummy freshly baked cakes! But with Smoothie Star it goes one step further as the fragrance is pistachio, almond and sweet vanilla which very much reminds me of Bakewell Tarts. Really this body butter smells good enough to eat. 

As for the consistency it isn't called a Body Buttercream for nothing, the texture of this reminds me very much of The Body Shop's Body Butters (which I always enjoy using) but with a more whipped lighter, less greasy feel. For me this is a perfect consistency for a body butter as you don't feel like you are slapping it onto the skin and having to work it in, it all just feels light and it is effortlessly applied but still just as moisturising.

This really is a lovely body butter to apply and for that reason I have been moisturising my legs and arms more often, just so I can inhale the scent. But it does also of course leave my skin really soft and more toned feeling the day after. The only thing I can criticise is the price (though it seems all large body butters in Boots are around the £9-11 mark these days) and there isn't a mini 50ml size of this, which is slightly disappointing. 

If you like the sound of this I would suggest having a sneaky sniff of it when you are next in Boots as if you don't love this type of edible scent then you may not like it! 

The next pistachio product to try on my list is the Sanctuary Mela Rose & Pistachio Body Butter. 

Fee xo.

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