NOTD - Barry M Sequin Nail Effect White


Barry M have recently upped the stakes when in comes to interesting nail polish effects on the high street. From textured to confetti effect and huge range of glitters, Barry M now offer an amazing amount of unique nail paints for £3.99 each. 

The fairly new Sequin Nail Effects come in three shades - SNP1 (white), SNP2 (black), SNP3 (pink). You can always rely on good ol' Barry for some creative nail polish names - not! 

The Sequin Nail Effects are described as textured sparkle for your nails and they are just that... but I'm still a bit on the fence with this 'textured sparkle' malarky. I received the Sequin Nail Effects in White as a present for my birthday, which was a good neutral choice to try out. However from applying it straight to my nails I decided it was a bit too sheer and I wasn't sure on the white, so I decided to apply it over Barry M Lychee (NOTD of Lychee here).

In my head I was hoping for a 'cookie dough with glitter' look to my nails and it kind of is,  but there is just something about the texture (which is like liquid sand) that I'm not too sure about.


I kind of feel the texture doesn't need to be there really and if it was just a smooth sheer-ish nail polish with suspended sequins it would be similar to jelly sandwich nails (here is an example if your aren't sure what I mean) which would still be unique but pretty. So to remove some of the texture I decided to apply Models Own Pro Matte Top Coat which did help but again I'm not that in love with it. Having said all of that I have seen swatches of the Sequin Effect in Pink and it does literally reminds me of birthday cake on the nails which I actually really love!

As for application I found it did apply fairly well though it does feel a bit gritty to apply and the finish definitely isn't smooth to touch but quite rough and semi-matte. But I guess a clear or matte top coat could be applied to fix that.

This is definitely a unique range of nail paints from Barry M but I'm just not sure! 

What do you think of this textured sequin effect?

Fee xo.

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