10 Things I Hate About Makeup - Part 1


Cheery title I hope you'll all agree! 
Today instead of praising beauty products I thought I would let you know my pet-peeves when it comes to all things makeup related. 

 I will also be doing a '10 things I love about makeup' post so that it isn't all doom and gloom.

*Warning - This may be a ranty post*

1. Eyeshadow applicators 
Just why? It is now 2013 and I think most of us have realised that using our fingers is a much better tool than the crappy foam/plastic applicators that come with eyeshadows. I think the only time I have used one with an eyeshadow was when I first tried eyeshadow and surprise surprise realised how rubbish the applicators were so ditched them for using my fingers and then finally in my late teens discovered makeup brushes. Eyeshadow applicators just need to be eradicated! 

2. High Street makeup is becoming too pricey! 
For me high street makeup has always been the savvy option. Pop into Boots pick up a few things and spend £15 max... now you pick up a few things that you want to try out and maybe repurchase that mascara you love and BAM your receipt states £35 and you shed a little tear and try to think 'ooooh but the Boots Advantage points I will have now'... or maybe that is just me. Of course you could say it is the rate of inflation but I really am sure most mascara were around the £5 mark a few years a go and now the likes of L'Oreal, Bourjois, Max Factor etc are bringing out mascaras that are £12... I don't care about how it will 'nourish' my lashes or give them '3D volume' I want a mascara for £5 again!

3. 'Beige' should never be a foundation shade nor should it be the only shade that free foundation samples come in! 
Warm beige, true beige, sand beige, classic beige, deeply beige, creamy beige. These are just a few of beige shades that can be found in foundation ranges. Sometimes a foundation with only 9 shades can have three different types of beige. Yet I have never heard of anyone class their skin tone as beige - ever! Warm, olive toned, honey maybe but beige is just a shade that old people like to wear, a lot. As for foundation samples in magazines I don't know where to start really, so I won't, but it is definitely frustrating that all brands follow the same path and don't cater for lighter and darker skinned people when it comes to free sachet samples.

4. Unhygienic makeup stands, disgusting testers and opened makeup! 
Where to start with this one! Of course I am pointing my attention towards unmanned stands in places such as Boots, Superdrug and various supermarkets as they generally aren't up kept to a good standard and are pretty darn messy and un-hygienic. Clearly it is annoying that testers are messy and aren't wipes with alcohol but what really annoys me is when people open actual products and test them?! So many times I have not been able to buy a lipstick/concealer/foundation etc in a specific shade because they have all been opened and used. Or even worse is when you purchase a product to find out it's already been used when you get home! But for that I see a simple solution - a sign on the makeup stands that states that if you open any product that isn't a tester you have to pay for it. It of course wouldn't solve the problem but I'm sure it would reduce it. It really does need to be made clear that it isn't acceptable.

5. Cheap but Useless Makeup sets 
I guess this one doesn't apply to me now, but I remember when I first got into makeup (I would be around 13) I wanted one of those large makeup sets that contained everything. You could normally buy them from Argos or Bodycare for around £10. I'm even sure they still exist. But looking back they were such bad quality! I'm talking crumbly eyeshadow, course makeup brushes and dodgy shades. I was hoping that the beauty industry/brands now, over 10 years on, would be a bit better but it really doesn't seem the case as I found out when playing with my nieces Hello Kitty Makeup set last Christmas . The £25.00 case from Argos contained hair bobbles, a brush, nail separates and then of course the usual glitter, lip gloss, eyeshadows and mini nail polishes, all of which were terrible quality. I really was amazed at how rubbish everything was... the nail polish didn't actually dry, the lip gloss was a sticky mess, the eyeshadow didn't transfer onto the little applicators and it was all in the cheap plastic packaging that actually ripped and became sharp! Brands such as MUA and Beauty UK have proven that makeup can be pretty good quality and cheap so there is just no need for nameless brands to cash in when it comes to large makeup sets for young girls and teens.

As I rambled on so much I have decided to write a part 2, so you can look forward to more ranting soon!

Let me know what you hate most about makeup. 

Fee xo.

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