Lush Bohemian Soap Review


As some of you may know I like to avoid certain ingredients in skincare/body products - mainly Sulphates/Sulfates (a cheap ingredient that makes a lot of products foam up). Basically think of me as a Pescetarian of the beauty world. 

So when it comes to shower gel, shampoo, facial scrubs/washes etc I do avoid sulfates or SLS's as they are often known (you can read about why I avoid this ingredient here). But one thing I have become more relaxed with is soap that contains it for washing my hands with. Meaning now I can indulge in lots of lovely soaps from the likes of Lush and The Body Shop. 

Quite a lot of soaps from Lush do contains sulfates though fortunately this specific soap (mainly because it is a glycerine soap) is free from it, meaning I can use it as a hand soap and also in the shower on my skin, which is pretty good as this is such a zingy summery scented soap. 

I have been a fan of soaps from Lush for quite a long time now because I find them great value for money and they smell and look so good! I personally like to just buy 100g of a Lush soap and then I cut it up in to four and use one slice/cube next to the bathroom sink, one in the shower and one next to the kitchen sink and then also have a piece to spare or pass on to someone else! So for this specific soap it cost only £2.95! Though you can literally buy as much as you wish as long as it's over 100g. 

Bohemian Soap (£2.95 per 100g) is one of Lush's more basic soaps containing mainly Lemon Oil, Soap and Glycerine... but sometimes the most simple of products are the best, which I have definitely found with this soap. As a hand soap it works well as the lemon-y scent wafts up as you wash your hands and they a left smelling fresh and clean. But this is definitely a soap to be used in either the bath or shower as it is zingy and uplifting. So more often than not I opt for this instead of my many shower gels when I'm having a morning shower or I've just worked out (yes, I am trying to get fit for summer!). 

Another soap from Lush that is quite similar in that is packs some punch, but is extra yummy smelling, is Rock Star (£3.40 per 100g) which is a more creamy soap but oh, seriously this is one to have a sniff of when you are next passing or shopping in Lush - just amazing!

Bohemian Soap is without a doubt my summer soap now along with Rock Star which I really do need to re-purchase as I'm currently using the smallest piece that I have left. 

What hand soap do you normally use? 

Fee xo.

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