10 Things I Hate About Makeup - Part 2

After a great response to part 1 (you can read it here) I thought I would get the second part up quite quickly. 

I will be doing a '10 things I love about Makeup' fairly soon but I'm also thinking about doing a similar post on the subject of blogging!

6. When brands change their formulas for the worst 
When I re-purchase a product to find it has been reformulated my grumpy cat rage face appears. Of course there isn't anything wrong with improvement but a lot of the time it seems like the change of a product is quick a dramatic one that effects the consistency or even the results. A recent example of this was with my beloved Botanics Soothing Eye Makeup Remover (£3.99/150ml) which under went a makeover but also a change of ingredients without and prior warning. This totally changing the product and actually making my eyes sting. Of course will always happen but it is just so infuriating when it happens to a product you love!

7. Photoshopped makeup ads
Nothing annoys me more when flicking through a magazine than an ad that shows a before image of a model makup-free, un-edited and than the model after, made up and edited to hell... just what is the point! Actually I tell a lie seeing a mascara ad with the model wearing false photoshopped eyelashes actually annoys me more. I know the ASA do try to regulate things such as these and do require brands to state when they include lash inserts 'for an even lashline' and if the image has been enhance in post production but why is an even lash line needed and why do they need to edit the lashes to the point they don't actually look like they even have mascara on them or like normal eyelashes anymore. It's just so unrealistic and just not helpful to the point I'd rather adverts not contain an image of a model 'wearing' the mascara. 

8. When brands don't name their shades
I am not going to be naive here and say it is easy as pie to create shade names as I know it must take quite a number of people brainstorming ideas and checking out if their competitors have the same names or similar etc. But it just makes such a difference! For example - half the appeal of OPI nail polishes is the cute and fun shade names. But imagine if they were are just numbered instead, it would be boring but also very confusing and not to mention hard to remember. 

9. Made up Science and Techonology terms
The first time I heard any pretend science terms in relation to skincare was with Pentapeptides in anti-aging creams. The pretend term seemed to create a lot of media buzz so I believe a lot of companies decided to cash in as well. Meaning registered trademarks with pretend science/technology jargon started to  pop up everywhere and still are. From skincare to mascara, companies will come up with any old thing to make us believe their formulas are more sophisticated than they actually are. Just a quick look through a magazine I found 'VitaBrightKX' complex, 'Active Natural' complex and 'Lycra' Technology. Also I don't know about you but I am just sick of companies using 3D and even 4D when marketing mascaras!

10. Makeup counters & push sales techniques
I have mixed feelings about this one as I do enjoy the look of makeup counters and it does allow you to look at new product launches and try out different shades. But unfortunately the frosty-ness of a lot of makeup sales assistants and the often pushy sales techniques really puts me off shopping at makeup counters. Countless times I've asked sales assistants for help finding a product to be subjected to a sales pitch on the product when they find the shade I was looking for... which for me just isn't needed! A few other things I dislike that I have witness from makeup counters are - sales assistants ignoring you are wanting to pay for an item and carrying on their conversation with other sales assistants. Being pressured into making a purchase when receiving a free makeover (I have even been asked if I planned to purchase anything mid-makeover). Being insulted about my current makeup so they can recommend a 'better' product. 

I feel the solution to this would be less pressure on the sales assistants to sell and be pushy. Also I have to admit if the sales assistants weren't as glammed up they would also be more approachable I often feel.   
Other things that 'get my goat' - Products getting discontinued. How eBay seem to be unable to take control of the huge amount of counterfeit makeup being sold on the site. The tiny product amount in some makeup items... I'm looking at you YSL Touche Eclat with your measly 2.5ml of concealer. Limited foundation shade ranges. 

As so many of you shared what you hated in the comments of part one, please feel free to write your own post on the 10 things you hate about makeup! 

 Fee xo. 

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