Lady Gaga Fame Perfume Review


When it comes to celebrity fragrances I am definitely not a snob and when I actually think about it I have purchased more celebrity perfumes than any others. The reason why this probably is, is price. Celeb scents are just cheaper but also I like them because they have a clear top scent to them and don't actually just smell like 'perfume'. 

That may sound a bit odd but I love Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Lovers 'G' because it smells of vanilla and coconut. I also love Sarah Jessica Parkers 'Lovely' as it smells clean like cotton and fresh sheets. 

However Lady Gaga 'Fame' isn't your typical celebrity frangrance as such and it's not even what you would expect Lady Gaga to come out with. The main notes for me are apricot and a blackberry scent but there is also an incense/herbal edge that give it a warm finish.

I do actually like this fragrance a lot but due to the incense like smell I tend to wear it as more of a night time scent or use it in the day in winter. As for longevity it isn't that great but I think most celebrity fragrances are similar in this area.


The most enticing element of this fragrance has to be the bottle design and the amazing black liquid that turns clear when airborne so not to stain the skin. This is just such a unique idea and really does look beautiful in the bottle. Perfect for Lady Gaga fans but also great if you are a lover of perfume and want something new and unique. It does make me wonder if we will see other companies coming out with coloured fragrances in the near future! I definitely hope so.

Of course with all perfumes you do need to try out a sample first, either via eBay with a little vial or in somewhere like Boots or Debenhams. 

This isn't my most favourite celebrity fragrance however I do enjoy it for how unique it is. Definitely worth a sniff when you are out shopping to see what you think and to check out the black liquid in the bottle. 

What is your favourite celebrity perfume? 

Fee xo.
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