Savvy Sunday - Digital Subscription to Elle Canada for £4.67!


Over the past week I have been struck down with some sort of lurgy with an endless list of ailments! Meaning my laptop hasn't been turned on, I haven't been out of the house as such or put makeup on... a sad state of affairs for me! 

However I have become slightly addicted to Candy Crush (a game/app on the iPhone), downloaded*ahem* 'Identity Thief' which I really enjoyed and also subscribed to this bargain magazine subscription because I have an addiction to international magazines. 

Now I will totally admit there is nothing like a magazine in print for me that I can keep for years & years (I actually have Christmas issues of Red magazine dating back to 2008) but when it comes to international magazines they are just too pricey normally due to shipping... though I am subscribed to Maria Claire US because I did it though the Marie Claire US website and it wasn't too bad, but for the most part you can forget cheap international magazine subscriptions. So a digital subscription is the next best option for me.


Rambling aside... As I was ill in bed I decided to have a look at different international titles on Zinio, as I have been hearing lots about the website recently on blogs and discovered this super cheap 12 month subscription to Elle Canada (link to page here)! Now this is on offer at the moment as it did use to be £9.89 (pretty sure the offer ends mid April) however even that is pretty damn cheap. But the current price of £4.67 is just amazing.. I mean where can you purchase any magazine for 39p an issue?!

I downloaded the Zinio app to my Kindle and iPhone so I can view it on both, but subscriptions can be read on PC/Mac, iPad etc. Probably the best one to view it on is a tablet or iPad.

*I should point out that my Kindle has been modified so that it runs on a full Android system, so I can't say whether or not the Zinio app does run on Kindle. So I would highly suggest trying to download the app before purchasing anything from the website*

Would love to know if any of you subscribe to any international magazines! 

Fee xo.

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