Models Own Artstix Duo Polishes!


Today I have an exciting new Models Own launch to share with you all!

 I feel like I am still in love with the recent Fruit Pastel collection and Models Own have gone and wow'd me again with their new and amazing Artstix Duo Polishes. 

Models Own have coordinated their bestselling nail polish shades with their most popular glitter top coats to come up with eight Artstix Duo Polishes which will be priced at £6 each and available from the MO Bottleshop and online (here) from April 7th and available in Boots stores nationwide April 17th. The duo polishes can of course be used individually as two separate nail polishes or use together to create creative but easy nails... either way these offer great value for money and lots of different options! 


As you can see I have 3 of the Artstix's to show you (scroll down for full nail pics!) but here is a full list of all the names and combinations. You can see better swatches of each combination further down in this post. 
Snow Mix (Snow White and Ibiza Mix)
Pink Stuff (Pastel Pink and Hot Stuff)
Jade Flakes (Jade Stone and Snowflakes)
Freak Betty (Freak Out and Betty Blue)
Utopia Ocean (Utopia and Indian Ocean)
Boogie Dream (Boogie Nights and Lilac Dream)
Blibble (Blizzard and Bubblegum)
Nude Jack (Jack Frost and Nude Beige)

Personally the two that interested me the most are 'Nude Jack' as I love glitter over nude nails and 'Utopia Ocean' as I have seen this combination a few times on different beauty blogs and it creates a lovely effect. I will also be making sure I show 'Pink Stuff' in a blog post next week and 'Jade Flakes' as I have both separate polishes in my Models Own collection already.


Just to explain fully... the Models Own Artstix Duos are two smaller sized nail polishes connected in the middle. So the idea is that you paint on the solid colour nail polish first and then apply the top coat, which also has a standard nail polish brush. I just want to make this clear as the name 'Artstix' could be confused with being a nail art pen of some sort. 

The first Artstix I tried out was Snow Mix as I loved the look of the combination, but instead of applying Ibiza Mix over the entire nail I decided to try out applying it to just the tips. Really easy and simple to do but I think it creates a lovely effect. Also if you wanted to play around with the Artstix duo polishes a bit more you could try out jelly sandwich nails with these two polishes. If you're unsure what jelly nails are then you can read a post I wrote on it, here.


Next up I tried a much brighter manicure with the combination that is Blibble (I love this hybrid name for some reason!) which combines Bubblegum as the base nail polish and Blizzard, a chunky silver glitter top coat. This is definitely a really fun combination and would be perfect on both the fingers and toes in summer. Talking of summer I actually think these would be great to take on holiday as they won't take up much room and do weigh less than two nail polishes. Anyway, back to Blibble! I found Bubblegum to be opaque enough to only need one thick(ish) coat and Blizzard also only needed one coat, meaning this was a super quick manicure. Just really bright and fun!

Here are mini stock images of the Artstix Duo so you can imagine the combinations a little better...


I really do like the new Artstic Duo Polishes and will most likely get Nude Jack when it hits Boots stores on 17th April. However there are two slight negatives I can see. The first one would be that if you own one of the polishes in the Artstix duos you probably wouldn't want to pay £6 for basically more of the same colour and the top coat as you could just purchase a top coat for £5 or vice versa. Which makes me wonder HOW amazing would it have been if they had created screw-on duos so that you could mix and match your own?! 

My other slight negative would be on the bottle design, as they are much smaller but also slimmer bottles. Meaning they do need to be held when wiping off the brush excess and you do need to take care as to where you place them (i.e no slightly uneven surfaces) or they will fall over. Only a slight issue but something to remember when painting your nails with them! 

As mentioned I will be featuring Pink Stuff and Jade Flakes in a blog post next week, plus a few creative ways the Artstixs can be used! 

Are you excited for this new collection of Models Own products

Fee xo. 
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