A Super Cheap Sigma Brush Cleaning Glove Dupe!


If you own makeup brushes I am sure by now you have seen the fairly new Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove (here). 

I do love Sigma products especially their brushes and was actually impressed by the product idea... I mean why has anyone thought of it before now! But lets be honest it is a glorified silicone oven glove for £26?! 

Which is why I decided to take to eBay and find myself a £2.95 version (various colours here - UK eBay seller). No, it doesn't have all the different cleaning 'textures' for different brushes but I really don't think that is needed at all. However it is just as thick, made of silicone and does have ridges to it. 


As you can see for £2.95 you receive a pretty large thick silicone oven glove with different sized raised hearts on it. So you could say it does have different 'zones/textures' to it - the smaller heart ridges for eye brushes at the bottom of the glove and the large heart ridges for face brushes at the tip of the glove. Though all the ridges just work as well if I'm honest.

Trying it out for the first time the other day, as I had a ton of brushes to clean, I noticed some of the benefits to using the mitt instead of just washing all my brushes by hand. Firstly it of course keeps your hands dry which is great as washing brushes regularly by hand with a makeup solution/shampoo/washing up liquid can be quite drying on the skin. Also I found I needed a lot less shampoo with the mitt as the ridges when rubbed together created a lot of lather. 


But the main benefit was without a doubt - time. It was just so much faster to clean each brush as you can really work the brush against the raised silicone and within a matter of seconds it the brush is clean and just needs rinsing under the tap - I even found you can clean eye brushes at the same time! Dare I even say it was actually fun to clean my makeup brushes this way, though I'm sure the novelty will wear off, but at least it will still be speedy cleaning with the oven mitt. 

Lastly I  found the mitt gave larger brushes a much better deep clean than I could do with my fingers, you can work up the lather inside the brush and really get the ridges cleaning it properly. That does soon a bit gimmicky but I did actually feel I was giving the larger brushes a much better clean in a shorter amount of time.

I am so impressed with how the cheap-y silicone oven glove works with cleaning makeup brushes. I think it is just one of those things that Sigma has over developed so they can stick a hefty price tag on it and it really doesn't need to be that complicated at all. 

Really worth getting if you are a MUA or have a large collection of makeup brushes! 

Fee xo.

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