Mid-Week Catch Up


Today I thought I would have a bit of a catch up with you all as I have a few bits I wanted to share with you so thought I'd smoosh them all into one ramble-y post.  

Firstly last week I won a giveaway! I never win anything as I don't enter many giveaways but I decided to enter Tanzina Zinio Magazine Subscription giveaway as she had 10 online magazine subscriptions to giveaway on her blog. Now I have actually used Zinio for a bit as I love reading international magazines but the price to have them delivered is way too much so an online subsciption is the next best thing.

International Magazines 

I am subscribed to Inc. Magazine (an American business magazine), Marie Claire U.S, Elle Canada and now with winning Tanzina's giveaway I am subscribed to Fairlady (a South African lifestyle magazine). 

I actually find south african magazines to be more similar to UK magazines than U.S ones and Fairlady really reminds me of a UK magazine I loved called Eve that closed in 2008. A few years ago I also use to subscribe to Elle Decoration South Africa as it was a lot more creative than any UK interior magazine. Anyways I am rambling now, but I am so happy that I won the giveaway. You can find Tanzina's  lovely blog over at Makeup A to Z.


Bargain Real Techniques Brushes 

Also at the end of last week I receive my bargain Real Techniques brushes from Amazon! I have seen so many reviews of the brush kits and decided on the Core Collection as I knew I would get a lot of use out of the larger brushes as I love perfecting a flawless base. However the only thing is that I want the Starter kit as well now! 

I have only just started using them but based on all the positive reviews I am bound to love them. But once I have fully tried them out I will do a review of them or even a brush collection post as I have a good mixture of Sigma, No7, Royal & Langnickel and Eco Tool brushes. 

I purchased the Real Techniques Core Collection Kit from Amazon for only £14.66 here however the price has now increased to £19.91 but I would definitely check the page every day as they do seem to be going up and down in price daily! So you could still snap up a bargain with either this set or the starter kit.


6 Week Sun Spot Challenge & ASOS

On other new things I have decided to dedicate 6 weeks to trying out the Eucerin Even Brighter Spot Corrector (£14.50 from Boots here), well hopefully longer if I see results! The reason for this is for the past year I have noticed quite a few sun spots around my eyes which even though as fairly faint (similar to larger freckles) I highly dislike. They seems to be a few dotted just underneath my eyebrows and them more under my eyes where eye bags normally form. I really believe the reason for this is many years of wearing glasses on sunny days and not sunglasses. However I haven't done anything to try to fade them, up until now that is. So far I have only been using it for 3 days, in the morning before I apply my makeup but I am actually going to try to photograph the spots and then in 6 weeks time I can compare the before & after images in a blog post. I really will be so impressed if there is a noticeable difference in under 2 months. 

Lastly as you can see by my ASOS magazine I decided to re-subscribe for an ASOS Premier account. My premier account ran out in January and since then I have ordered a few things so I decided it would be handy to have it again. I actually have an order coming tomorrow with some ASOS sale bits. If you order from ASOS quite often then a premier account is pretty worth it for the next day/specific day delivery, free ASOS magazines and exclusive discounts. 

I think that is me all caught up! 

Tomorrow I have quite an unusual dupe but is it amazing and so cheap - I cannot wait to share it!

Fee xo. 

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