No Mess Watercolour Nail Tutorial


A while ago now I posted a nail of the day with some watercolour nails for spring (full post - here) and I promised to share a tutorial on them as the technique is so quick and easy to do - so here it is! 
The great thing about this watercolour technique is that it doesn't require water or any nail art tools. Plus there is minimal clean up, in fact I didn't need to use any nail polish remover with these nails.

Another great thing about this technique is any nail polish combinations can be used. Here I used two shades of blue nail polish but you could definitely go for a multi coloured effect with more nail polishes.


As you can see you don't actually need many products for these nails. My only tips would be to use thin plastic bags, I would say you need two maximum and you can even cut them into rectangular pieces that are double the size of your nails to make things a bit easier. 

Also I would suggest using an old top coat as you need to apply it while the nails are still wet to get the best effect and that can make the top coat in the bottle a bit cloudy.


Step 1 - Apply a few dots of your chosen nail polishes on to the nail using the nail polish brushes. Tip: I find it easier to open all the nail polishes I will be using first. 

Step 2 - Taking your plastic bag you want to place a corner/section of it over the nail and lightly press down. As the sandwich bag is clear you will be able to see how far to the edges of the nail you are with the nail polish, so that you can press down a little harder is certain areas to spread the nail polish about. 

Step 3 - Simply peel off the plastic bag and apply a clear top coat over the wet nail to merge the shades together more Tip: With the used part of the plastic bag simply fold it over while the nail is still wet so that is adheres and you don't get nail polish all over your hands. 

As you do need to be quick so the nail polish doesn't become tacky this is 100% a do-one-nail-at-a-time jobbie. But it is simple and easy to do meaning it doesn't take any time at all and you can do the other hand without too much of a struggle! 


But you don't need to stop there if you want extra summery nails! Just wait until your nails are fully dry and repeat the process with different coloured nail polishes. For my index finger I used Models Own Ice Neon in Bubblegum (I love how neon shades look over this), middle ringer I used Nails Inc Hampton Court Palace Gardens, ring finger China Glaze Wicked Style and little finger was Models Own Ice Neon again in Toxic Apple

Then  to finish off I applied a clear top coat to merge the shades and to make them look super glossy. Of course if you do have excess nail polish on the cuticles or skin then pour a little nail polish remover into the cap of the remover bottle and dip a cotton bud or nail art brush into it and remove it all that way. 

I think creating this nail tutorial has convinced me I need to do a lot more tutorials for spring/summer.

Hope a few of you will give these nails a go!

Fee xo. 

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