Stylfile S Nail File Review


 Today I thought I would write a review on a nail file I have been using for months and months. I received this nail file in a previous She Said Beauty Box (SSB no longer do beauty box subscriptions) and was very interested to try it out after hearing about Tom Pellereau's invention throughout the 2011 BBC Apprentice.

Stylfile S-file Nail File £2.99 - Amazon UK here or Boots here for £4.49

The S-Nail File from Stylfile is a curved nail file with a strong shaping side and then a softer side. The idea behind the shape of the file is that it makes filing the nails easier. Now as someone that files their nails quite a lot when I changed to this from a standard straight nail file it was more awkward to hold and use than anything, however I could see that it gave the nails a more curved shape. 

But sadly my problem is that not everyone wants rounded off nails and sometimes if you break a nail you just want to file down that side, which can be done with the S-File, but it isn't as natural as just using a standard nail file. Also it's makes me wonder when was filing the nails hard to do anyway?!

Now I am not talking your standard wafer thin nail file that costs 99p when I mention using a straight nail file, but a nice multi-buffer and file. I like to use one by Models Own and you can actually find a very similar Models Own one in Boots for £3.50 here. The file works perfectly fine but you also have the added bonus of different buffs/polishes for the nails. The side I use the most has to be the buffing side which removes ridges from my nails and also I use the smooth side to just finish off the nails. Of course you aren't just limited to the Models Own one, there a tons of different multi-buffing blocks in both Boots and Superdrug.

But even though I haven't been that impressed I did spot the Stylfile Emergency Nail File £3.84 - Amazon UK here which is a nail file that attaches to your keys. Now this I think is a very good idea as I have broke a nail so many times when I have been out, then it's either been a rough edge or I end up having to rip off even more of the broken nail! So this is going to be something I buy ASAP. 

Have you got the Stylfile S-Nail File? What do you think of it? 

Fee xo.
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