Models Own New Fruit Pastel Collection + Swatches


After the recent Models Own Ice Neon collection I really wasn't expecting another new collection. But then the new Models Own Fruit Pastel Collection popped up out of nowhere with five new super duper scented shades! 

Now dare I say I feel Models Own have got the collections the wrong was round. The new Fruit Pastels collection to me is the most perfect spring release and the Ice Neon range just screams summer. But hey-ho, I guess it doesn't really matter. 

The new Fruit Pastel collection is a joy to both the eyes and the nose with five lovely dessert inspired shades with scents to match. The range consists of - Strawberry Tart, Apple Pie, Banana Split, Blueberry Muffin and Grape Juice

Nail Wheel swatches from L - R: Apple Pie, Blueberry Muffin, Strawberry Tart, Banana Split, Grape Juice.

Now I am a lover of scented nail polishes, yet I can't really figure out why this is, as I know it is such a useless aspect to a nail polish. I mean who goes around sniffing their fingers - just no one! But for some reason it brings me joy when painting my nails I can smell a nice fruity scent instead of the standard sharp chemical nail polish smell. 

But whether you are a fan of the scents or even the scratch and sniff bottle tops I think any nail polish lover will agree when I say this is one lovely pastel nail collection. 

I have slowly grown to like pastel nail polishes more and more and this collection has the most creamy smooth looking pastels I have seen in quite a while. I'm normally put off by yellow and blue pastel colours but I really feel Models Own have done well here and I can positively say I love the look of Blueberry Muffin... though it may also be down to the name of it! 


My only criticism would be on the application as it isn't all that easy to achieve a perfect finish. But this is a fault with light pastel shades on the whole I think... unless you opt for China Glaze or OPI polishes which are a lot more pricey. In my nail swatches above I did manage to only need two coats however the first coat was thin and streaky and the second was quite thick to give the smooth finish I wanted. But as you can see I wasn't able to get that clean edge around the cuticles. So if you are a little messy at applying nail polish then you may struggle with these pastel nail polishes as it won't look that pretty on the cuticles! 

As for favourite shades from the Fruit Pastel Collection I am really finding it hard to pick as I do really like them all. But I know I will be wearing Apple Pie and Blueberry Muffin the most come spring! I will make sure to do a proper Nail of the Day post on Blueberry Muffin when I wear it in fact. 

 You can purchase the new Models Own Fruit Pastel Collection from the MO Bottleshop from the 9th March or pre-order online here for guaranteed 20th March dispatch. Or you can pick these up from Boot stores from the 22nd March!

 Models Own have been recently asking on Twitter whether you are camp Fruit Pastel or Ice Neon (you can find my post on the Ice Neon collection here) by tweeting @modelsown #neonVpastel and letting them know. I am definitely camp Fruit Pastel! Which do you prefer?

Fee xo.

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