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In the past month or so I have been trying to cut down on the amount of makeup I buy. Due to my previous makeup spending and the amount of PR samples I receive (which I am of course very grateful for) I have more than enough makeup and feel it is a bit silly of me to buy even more. 

But due to reading so many beauty blogs I cannot help lusting after some products especially the ones that seem to be highly loved and talked about so often! So here is wish list that I have put together of all the products I'm dying to try, but holding off on until I think I deserve to have a little spend! 

Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquers 
Boots - £5.99 here
 These new offerings from Rimmel have just set the beauty blogging world on fire! I have read countless amazing reviews on the range and all the swatches I have seen have really tempted me. Dying to try out Nude Eclipse, Nova and Big Bang (this looks looks like such an amazing wearable red lip). If you want to see really great swatches on the lips then I recommend you have a look at Katie's post from Katie's Beauty Blog here.  

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation
Boots/Superdrug - £8.99 
I haven't purchased a foundation in such a long time as I just have so many that I have been rotating. So I feel it is justified to purchase a new spring foundation at the end of the month. The new Revlon Nearly Naked foundation has been receiving a lot of love and I am yet to read a bad review of it. The sheer slightly dewy coverage of this is what appeals to me most as I just don't think I suit full coverage foundation, especially in spring/summer - I seem to look really made up! So this is sounding like a great match for me... though slightly disappointed on the lack of a pump on the bottle (why oh why do brands do this!). You can find a great video review of the foundation from Miss Budget Beauty - here.

L'Oreal Colour Riche Top Coat in Confetti
Boots/Superdrug/Tesco - £4.99 
Now this may not be a wish list item any longer as I spotted this while doing some late night shopping in Tesco this week and had to snap it up. An amazing top coat that I cannot wait to try out... well I say try out but I already have it over a nude nail polish on my thumb as I had to swatch it as soon as I got home. I know I am going to love this top coat sooooo much. Great nails pics can be found over on The London Lipgloss - here. 
Barry M Gelly Nail Paint in Lychee 
Superdrug - £3.99 here
I do love Barry M Nail Paints and do own quite a few however the fairly new 'Gelly' nail paints just haven't grab me at all, I just can't seem to see how they are that much different to a normal nail polish. Though Lychee is a shade that has caught my eye as I love more natural grey toned nudes especially to use as a base for wonderful glittery nail polishes! I think I will need this in my life before summer. Lovely nail swatches over on Brit Nails - here. 
Essense Oz The Great and Powerful Collection 
Not sold in the UK but can be found via eBay
Ahhhh how I wish Essense would make their way to the UK! The new Essense Limited Edition Oz The Great and Powerful collection has been springing up to tease me on many of the European beauty blogs I read and I just want it all. From the cream blush to the colour changing lip balms and the wonderful embossed highlighting powder - It's just all so beautiful. I do also love Urban Decay's offering of products for the new film but Essense's prices are so cheap compared and just as good in my opinion. I may have to have a look on eBay for the cream blush at the very least.
Dr Jart Water Fuse BB Beauty Balm
Boots - £18 here
This is a light oil-free BB cream that is designed to control sebum production throughout the day whilst still looking a bit dewy on the skin... plus it also contains an SPF of 25 which is good enough for me on a normal spring day. I constantly feel like I should be giving up on BB Creams now and moving on... well actually I have with my first ever CC cream but that is for another post entirely! But there is something about this product that makes me think it will be different from all the rest by the postitive reviews I have read. My only rule is that I have to swatch it in Boots first to make sure it is light enough for my skin tone as there is just no point purchasing it online to then find out it's too dark or grey toned against my skin

If you own any of these product please do let me know if they are worth buying and also what you are wanting to purchase at the moment! 

Fee xo.  

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