Face Mask Friday - Amie Cooling Clay Mask


Amie Spring Clean Cooling Clay Mask 75ml Full size - £4.95 Boots here 

My skin this week has been a bit hormonal (nicest way of saying spotty) so I decided to opt for a nice clay mask to draw out them nasty impurities. I received this sample in an old She Said Beauty Box and liked the idea of a cooling clay mask so decided to give it a go. 

As I applied this I was instantly impressed with the smooth thick texture that glided over my skin and the lovely fresh clay scent (I always think clay masks smell like lemonade for some reason). I also enjoyed the lovely cooling sensation as I applied it to my face. I then left it for 10 minutes as advised in which time it tightened slightly, but not too much that it was uncomfortable. Whilst the mask was on I read the back of the sachet to see that the mask was free from parabens, minerals, mineral oils and all them bad things which is a definitely plus for me! 

When it came to washing it off the sachet stated 'splash off with warm water and pat face dry' which definitely isn't what it needed to remove it. I had to fill the sink  with warm water and use a muslin cloth to remove the mask, though maybe I used too much of the mask. Not that I minded.  
 Once the mask was totally washed off, my skin was left feeling very fresh and my pores did appear tighter. Though my skin was red from the use of the muslin cloth

 After using the mask and really enjoying it I decided to have a look online as to where I could purchase more sachets and found it only comes in a tube, which is great as I really do like this mask!

Will 100% be purchasing this now as it's such a fresh feeling clay mask. 

Fee xo.   
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