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I am sheepishly back again with another Oh My Haul post!

I think I may have to change my own rules of these new 'Oh My Haul' posts as I don't want to restrict myself to only a single monthly post now do I?! 

Actually the reason why I decided to mention these products is because Fragrance Direct are known for selling out of products and then not coming back in stock and as I was so pleased with most of my order I thought I best mention the products a-sap. 

Now my reason for placing an order with Fragrance Direct, when I wasn't thinking I needed anything, was that I heard on the grapevine that is Twitter that there where some Dainty Doll products on the website as really great prices. So I decided to place a little order and of course a few other items managed to sneak their way into my basket.


Dainty Doll Cream Blush in Orange County Girl 
Fragrance Direct - £1.99 here 
I love my cream blushers so was instantly drawn to these £1.99 bargains (they normally retail for £13.50!). But instead of sweeping them all up I decided to be wise and do some Google searching for better swatches and came across a review of this blusher by Lily of What I Heart Today (review post here) and then knew I had to get it from her swatch. Sadly you cannot tell from my own swatch but this is a lovely coral/peach blusher with gold shimmer. It actually reminds me of Nars Orgasm in the coral/golden tone of it when it hits the light. The texture is also creamy and blends well. A really nice blusher!
Dainty Doll Cream Blush in Paper Roses (sold out on FD)
eBay - £3.80 here
Oh how my swatch doesn't do this pretty blush any justice! This is a lovely rosy pink blush that is without shimmer. A great one for pale skin tones and adding a flush of pink to the cheeks. Just a very pretty cream pink blush. As for the packaging of the blushers I am really impressed, infact the compact reminds me of the Topshop cream blushers but these are a little bigger in size. For £1.99 on Fragrance Direct these are a steal!

Dainty Doll Concealer Pen in 002 Light (Sold out on FB) 
eBay - £2.75 here 
Ever since I tried YSL Touche Eclat many moons ago I have enjoyed using concealer pens. I just feel they are always lighter in consistancy than other concealers and easy to use. So I had to tried out the Dainty Doll Concealer in 002 Light (I read that 001 was very light so decided on 002 instead). On first opening of this I was a bit wary as there seemed to be a clump of dried concealer in the brush applicator already, like it had somehow leaked out and dried. So I removed the dried up concealer and got the flow of it going. However as soon as I applied this to my skin the pale concealer that came out soon oxidised to a not so lovely slightly orange shade... I'm not sure if you can see but in the above swatch there is a pale area which is the concealer that hasn't dried and then the rest of the swatch is the oxidised concealer. I'm pretty sure this must be down to the age of the product but I will be emailing Fragrance Direct about this as I know of a few people have had the same problem!
Daint Doll Concealer Pen in 004 Green 
Fragrance Direct - £1.99 here  
 This was a lucky buy as I only discovered that shade 004 was a green toned concealer/corrector pen by searching for shade swatches of the light concealers. So as soon as I realised this was a green based concealer it was in my basket and I am so pleased I got it. For as long as I can remember I've had red areas to my skin, especially under my nose and on my chin so I love trying out green toned corrector to neutralise them areas before I apply my foundation. But this has been the first pen style corrector I have used and already I am really liking it. It is quite thin in consistence which I like as it doesn't cake in any areas and easily blends in to the skin and does really dull down redness before foundation or concealer. I can see this becoming a makeup staple for me!


NYC Smooch Proof 16h Lip Stain in 494 Smooch Proof and 496 Forever Fuchsia (lighter shade)
Fragrance Direct - 99p each here 
As soon as I spotted these lovely NYC Smooch Proof Lip Stains at only 99p I had to get them as I am a huge fan of NYC and also I like my lip stains. I really couldn't be more pleased with these and now I'm considering placing another order with Fragrance Direct to purchase the other three shades. The stains are easily applied with the precise stiff nib and can be reapplied for a bolder finish (the swatches are just one swipe), then once dried on the lips you are good to go for the day without feeling like you are wearing anything on your lips. I have been wearing these for the last couple of day and they definitely aren't 16 hour lasting stains however they do really last most of the day through eating and drinking but look more faded with no unpleasant looking ring around the lip line which I was pleased about. Again I can see myself really getting some use out of both stains especially in summer when I am out all day and can't be bothered with lipstick or a gloss in warm weather but want some colour on my lips. Super impressed with these.

L'Oreal Colour Riche Nail Polish in 211 Opulent Pink 
Fragrance Direct - £1.20 here
This was a last minute add to my basket because I have never tried a L'Oreal nail polish before and so I thought I would give one a try for only £1.20. The true shade of this didn't seem to want to show up on my camera but it is quite a bit more pink than it appears on my nails, more of a deep fuchsia shade. This applied nicely and I really liked the brush so I can see myself taking more of an interesting in the nail polish on a L'Oreal stand when I next go shopping as I will be wanting to get my hands on L'Oreal Confetti Top Coat anyway! 

My order came to just over £13.00 including the £1.99 p&p which I feel is great value for money. Again Fragrance Direct hasn't let me down in terms of amazing products that I wouldn't normally try. 

Fee xo.

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