Percy & Reed Hair Freebies with this Month's Glamour Mag!


 Magazine freebie time with this month's Glamour Magazine which is only £2!

There is a choice of Percy & Reed Volumising No Oil Oil for fine hair, Shampoo, Conditioner or Finishing Polish

I decided on the Volumising No Oil Oil as it sounded quite interesting and I do like my hair oils. However if you are umm-ing and ahh-ing at what to chose I would highly recommend the Finishing Polish which is a cream product with a lovely light mint scent that smooths the hair and any frizz. I actually received it with Glamour mag last year but as you only need a pea sized amount my tube is still going strong! 

For only the price of the £2 magazine I really think this is a great offer as Percy & Reed are a nice quality hair brand! 

Will you be picking up the magazine? If so, which product will you be going for?

Fee xo.

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