Oh My Haul - Bargain Tesco Direct Order

*All price correct at time of publishing - 02/03/2013*

I wasn't expecting to write another 'Oh My Haul' post this soon however I placed a bargainous (is that a word?) order through Tesco Direct and did the whole click & collection situation. So I thought I would mention the products quickly for anyone that is interested while all the products are still in stock!

And trust me I got some bargains!

A quick little intro into my bargain Tesco haul. Firstly I don't really rate the Tesco Direct website, it's hard to navigate and they seem to keep up products that aren't available anymore. However their downfalls have been my gain in the past, as they seem to upload new products but at the wrong price (always cheaper than what they usually retail for...  you will see with the Bourjois set). Also when they reduce products it seems to be so they can clear out the stock, which is when you can get some great savings! I also always opt for click & collect as it only takes a day to be delivered to the store of your choice and it's free! 


All for Eve Bath & Shower Gel 
£2.25 at Tesco Direct - here 
I'm always on the look for cheap SLS/SLES free shower gels to try out and as soon as I spotted the price of this I instantly added it to my online basket. For a SLES free product this foams really well and smells of grapes and cucumber but is a light scent, so I may have to order a few at that price... plus it's paraben free. Also the whole All for Eve range is currently on sale with 50% off - here which makes everything amazing value! I have to say I am definitely tempted by the All for Eve Simple Red Nails gift set (£7.50 - here) which includes the signature red polish and also the most gorgeous looking glass nail file that has a Swarovski crystal heart on it! Also I think I may grab the body scrub (£3.75 - here) while it is still available.
Treaclemoon Raspberry Kiss Body Scrub 
£1.99 at Tesco Direct - here 
This was only reduced by £1.00 but I couldn't refuse a summery smelling scrub in time for spring at only £1.99. The whole Treaclemoon range is reduced at the moment so all the scrubs and bath/shower gels are £1.99 here. I have tried this out and have to say I really like it as a mild body scrub. It actually reminds me of the N-Spa scrubs at Asda as this is more of a cream shower gel with fine exfoliating beads meaning it isn't harsh at all and can be used daily.

Bourjois French Manicure Kit 
£3.00 at Tesco Direct - here
This is a new product to Tesco Direct and one that I'm almost sure is priced wrong, shhhh, as most stores such as Boots sell this for £9.99 which makes sense as Bourjois polishes are normally around £5 each. So this is a super bargain! The set as you can see contains everything to create a french manicure with but most exciting of all it the white nail polish to create the white tips with! For me this is worth £3.00 alone as it's just so ingenious, you basically just place the curved brush on the tip of the nail on one side then flip the brush over and do the same to the other side of the nail - it couldn't be simpler. I know I will get so much use out of it using it with bright nail polishes and I'm sure the top coat in the set will come in handy as well. Amazing value! 

Hope I have tipped you off to some bargains especially if you live close to a Tesco store so you can get that free p&p with the Click & Collect service! 

Fee xo.

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