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Another nail art post today as I can't get enough of doing my nails at the moment and I am very much in to easy nail art! 

I will admit loose glitter is quite messy to use however these 5 glitters are just amazing and so cheap at only £2.50. 

The nail glitter set it actually from NPW which I know probably no one has heard of but actually on closer inspection of their website you would definitely spot some products you have seen in retail shops such as Topshop & New Look. They do the amazing glittery duck lip balms here which I am sure aren't great quality lip balms but look so cute and they also do lots of unique beauty gifts... and of course their line of nail art pens and glitters! 


These NPW Nail Art Glitters can be found on the NPW website here or the range can be found in select New Look, Topshop and River Island stores. But if you can't find these specific nail glitters there will be nail art pens or wheels with gems in, that are all just as pretty. I do really wish the fully range was more widely available on line, on say ASOS or in Boots as the products are pretty good! You can find the nail glitters in different colours however on the Topshop website here & here.

 The 5 vials of glitter are designed to be sprinkled, pressed or brush onto semi-wet nails then sealed with a top coat. Meaning the options for different nail art are endless. What I really like about these glitters is that there are sequined shaped pieces of glitter and then fine glitter so it looks lovely on the nails, also the shades of glitter are amazing. Plus I did noticed that the excess glitter can be so easily brushed off  the skin, which believe me is a huge bonus as so many fine glitters get all over the hands then it seems to be impossible to get rid of.


As you can see I tried using the glitters is two different ways. I first decided to just add glitter to the tips of my nails by lightly pressing the glitter on with an eyeshadow brush, which worked really well. Then I went for an accent nails of gold glitter which I just poured onto the nail and then pressed on. 

I do prefer my nude nails the most as I love the colour of the glitter however both nails were so easy to do! 

I really do rate this little set! The glitters are really unique and the bottles remind me of tiny bottle of fairy dust! 

If you do like them as much as I do then make sure to look out for NPW products in the stores I mentioned above. 

Fee xo

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