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I'm not one for writing bad reviews. If I don't like a product I just don't mention it as I find negative reviews boring to write. However there should be more of a balance and sometimes it is good to be warned about a product. So here is a collection of products I really don't rate! 

I feel I should point out that I have tried to select products that aren't just 'out of date' but some are a result of that and I feel shouldn't be as bad as they are. I hope that makes sense! An example of what I mean is the ELF Cream Liner below. 


Jelly Pong Pong Jelly Flush Cheek Stain  - £12.00 
I have always been on the fence when it comes Jelly Pong Pongs products -  I love their super cute packaging and different ideas for products but I think most lack in quality and practicality. The practicality of the cheek stain is the main issue here, it is just so messy! As you can see from the bottom of the product it has leaked, however it also leaks outside of the packaging with the lid screwed on! Also when holding this to apply it to the cheeks the mess from the packaging gets on your hands... it's just not good. That aside the cheek stain itself isn't that great either, offering very little pigment that does need topping up during the day, though this isn't a product you would want anywhere near your handbag! 

E.L.F Cream Eyeliner - £3.75 
This is a product I have mentioned quite a few times on my blog for being a nice pigmented creamy eyeliner. However as you can see the product has dramatically shrank in size and has gone hard. This can only be put down to how long I have had it, but I am not one for listening to the PAO symbols on beauty products as I have had some products for the longest time and they are still going strong. But sadly this has been one that does have a short shelf life. 


Sleek Truly Mattely Deeply Lip Gloss in Jazz (from Shangri-La Collection) - £4.99 
When I received this through the post when the Sleek Shangri-La collection came out I was eager to try it as the shade was so bold and was intrigued by the sound of a matte lip gloss. But sadly this couldn't have failed more as a product if it tried! The packaging did state to apply the 'lip gloss' over well moisturised lips, which is what I did, but as soon as the lip gloss 'set' I was left with such an odd dry feeling to my lips that was actually uncomfortable to keep on. I mean my lips felt as dry as a desert. I of course didn't give up and applied a lip balm over the top in hope it would hydrate the lip gloss a bit but that didn't seem to help at all. Just an awful product that just isn't a lip gloss. The only thing I was impressed by was the amazing pigmentation to it. 

Stila Oil-free Tinted Moisturizer - Purchase from Poundland
With this product I'm not sure whether to blame Stila, Poundland or the product itself, but I thought I would include it anyway. I purchased this in Poundland quite some time ago and then quite soon after the Stila products being sold in Poundland were featured in a Channel 4 program highlighting that the stock could well be upto 4 years old. Now I had purchased it and been happy with the product and knowing a product could be so old but still sealed didn't really bother me - I prefer to go by the consistency and smell of a product to decided if it is out of date or not. However within two months of using this the texture became quite thick and waxy feeling, almost as if the SPF in the product was separating and I was getting more SPF than tinted moisturiser. Safe to say this is now in the bin, but for only a £1 I really didn't lose much.

 Bourjois Sweet Kiss Lipstick - £7.99 
I picked this up in Tesco due to realising I had never tried a Bourjois lipstick before. I like the look of the packaging and thought the lipstick was a nice everyday shade. But sadly we just didn't get on... I found the texture to be quite waxy, meaning the application dragged, it didn't feel the best on the lips and I felt it enhanced the lines in my lips. The only plus side to the texture was that it did have good staying power but as I am use to reapplying lip products this wasn't something I needed over the other three things. I do love a lot of other Bourjois products but know I won't be trying another lipstick from them due to there being other brands such as Rimmel and Revlon that offer amazing lip products

Hope you enjoyed this more 
negative type of post! 

Fee xo.  

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