Easy to use Nail Art Nail Tattoos


Easy nail art time again! 
I am still all about easy nail art with Sharpie pens, dotting tools and now stickers. 

These Nail Art Nail Tattoos contain a single page of 10 different designs of 60 stickers that cost £5.99 from Boots, Urban Outfitters and the Skin Art website here with free delivery with the code SKINARTFREE . 

Unlike other transfer tattoos these nail tattoos literally just peel off the paper backing, so no cutting or using water, like I imagined these to be.


The ten designs are all really nice and would appeal to most. I think the only ones I dislike are the cross decals really - just not my taste. 

I didn't go too adventurous with these but I think some of the designs would look good over some easy nail art. Such as the bows would love great over pastel polka dot nails and the anchors would look fun over nautical blue and white striped nails. Or you could  just apply one sticker to both index fingers which would make the set last a really long time. 

For the application of the stickers I was a little heavy handed at first and ripped two of them. Though I think the packaging should come with a note that you do need to carefully remove them as they are so thin. But once I realised how delicate they were I did manage to easily remove each sticker and place them down onto my nails. Then as suggest I applied a clear top coat as I could see without that the stickers wouldn't last any time at all.


As you can see I tried out three of the different nail stickers, even with one over glitter to see if it would still stick down and it did! Whilst doing my nails I expected to like the bows the most but my favourite look was the little bird over a nude nail polish. I am actually dying to try the little birds over pastel watercolour nails now... possible future nail art post I am thinking.

Even though I do love nail art sometimes I just don't have the time to do it... actually most of the time when I am going out, my nails are the last thing to get done. So after a quick drying nail polish like the Salon Hanson or Avon ones I really would just apply one sticker to each of my index finger nails. Also as I was applying these I thought how good they would be to take on holiday with me as last time I went away I only took a few nail polishes and didn't do any nail art to my nails for 10 days, but it would have been nice to. 

I really do think these could be bought for many reasons, for nail art novices, for lazy nail painters, for travelling, for children (though they may rip them!) or even as a gift. They are just simple yet effective.

Fee xo.

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