Face Mask Friday - Montagne Jeunesse Dead Sea Mud Pac


After really enjoying the Amie Cooling Clay Mask last week and still having some blemishes to clear up I decided to use another clay mask. 

The Montagne Jeunesse Dead Sea Mask (Superdrug - £1.09) offered to be a de-stressing clay/mud mask containing Dead Sea Salt, Lavender and Seaweed for a deep cleanse. I applied the mask for 15 minutes  as recommended and decided as it was an anti-stress face mask I would sit back and relax. However the scent of lavender and sea salt made for more of a manly scent than a relaxing one and as the mask tightened on my face it wasn't all that relaxing. I then washed off the mask using warm water and a muslin cloth.

As for results my skin did actually feel a little itchy afterwards, with my cheeks feeling a little hot. For some reason I had a feeling it could have been down the lavender.. though I may be totally wrong. It just felt overpowering and not needed for my skin. So this definitely isn't a mask I will be trying out again.

Let me know your favourite sachet face mask as I want to try out something totally new for next week! 

Fee xo.

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