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First there were BB Creams and now CC Creams. It makes me wonder how far down the alphabet the cosmetics industry can got before we start to think it's a bit of a marketing ploy with no science behind it. 

Well anyway we are only up to 'C' so I'm going to reserve judgement and fully embrace the new Complexion Corrector/Colour Control Creams as they are known. Especially as Nip + Fab, a brand I do  like, have brought out two new products. 

According to Nip + Fab here is why CC Creams are the next generation of BB Creams and give much better results.
 Why CC cream is more advanced than BB cream: Higher SPF sun protection,  24 hour moisturisation, light diffusing particles, corrects+blends natural skin tone, lighter texture, smoother application, shine free finish.
A lightweight hydrating complexion corrector with SPF 30 sun protection + medium coverage.
Soline® provides 24 hour moisturisation whilst the appearance of skin is toned + smoothed with oat extract.
 Here are my opinions on the new Nip+Fab CC Cream SPF 30 and CC Eye Fix both in the lightest shade - light...


Nip + Fab Complexion Corrector Cream SPF 30  - 30ml
Feel Unique - £14.95 here 
Upon first application of this I noticed the light fresh cucumber scent and the light texture of the CC Cream. The coverage I would say is inbetween that of a BB Cream and a medium coverage foundation - enough to even out skintone, settle down redness and smooth over large pores whilst still looking and feeling on the light side. I would agree that this does give a shine-free finish meaing you don't need a powder however I failed to see how it could be classed as light diffusing as it looks quite a matte finish on my skin. Also I was worried about the claim of '24 hour moisturisation' as I do have an oily T-zone and can get spots when I hydrate my skin too much but this wasn't an issue and it seems to suit my oily skin quite well... which makes me wonder if it would be too drying for anyone with dry skin hmmmm! Also as for the quite dark looking swatch above against my pale skin, I promise it isn't a million miles away from my own skin tone when blended out however it wouldn't suit anyone with really pale skin and I know I will be using it alot more in summer when I'm not as fair. For me this is a superior BB Cream and is quite similar to the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation but with the added bonus of an SPF 30, however I still think I would opt for my Bourjois Foundation
. The CC Cream comes in two shades - light & dark. 
Nip + Fab CC Eye Fix
Feel Unique - £9.95 here 
Nip + Fab's other CC Cream offering is the CC Eye Fix which is described as a refreshing eye cream and concealer in one. Now a light reflecting concealer for dark circles/under the eye area it is, but eye cream it is not. I just wanted to get that out there are I really can't see how this is an eye cream at all, even though I do like the product a lot. For me this product did actually live up to the light diffusing claims really well and I would say brightened my eye area just as much as my YSL Touche Eclat, which is pretty impressive. However this worked best when I applied my normal Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer first to conceal and then the CC Eye Fix to really brighten the area, normally doing this with any other concealer would look quite heavy and highlight eye bags but as this concealer is so light it is doable. I have also been using this as a concealer/highlighter on the tops of my cheekbones, down my nose and to the sides of my nose. I think this works so well because it is actually a light enough shade and it does have pink undertones to it. Really impressed with this pen style concealer. The CC Eye Fix comes in two shades - light & medium. 

I thought I would also add in the video above as it does show how both products apply. Though the models skin does still look quite dewy but I think that is down to the studio lighting that will have been used and also the little amount of the CC Cream that was used on the skin. Trust me the finish of the CC Cream isn't that glowy, though the CC Eye Fix is as light reflecting as it shows in the video. 

I think both products are priced really well though and if I were to recommend anything it would be the CC Eye Fix as for under £10 it is a really nice YSL Touche Eclat style concealer! 

I'm really finding I like a lot of Nip + Fab products at the moment and recently purchased a ultra cheap gift set from ASOS for only £8.50 (here) which I have been so pleased with as you received 4 full sized products with the set. 

ASOS do have quite a lot of Nip + Fab gift set on sale in fact and I'm tempted to treat myself again. 

Fee xo.

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