My Favourite Instagrammers - Part 1


I am a huge fan of Instagram. I use it for taking my own pictures, nail art inspiration, yummy baking recipes and all round general procrastination

So I decided to round up all my favourite instagrammers, which did take some time but hopefully will be worth it if you use Instagram on your phone or desktop.


@thebeautydept - Instagram account of The Beauty Department. Lovely images and their preview of blog posts always remind me to catch up on the Beauty Dept site.

   @viviannamakeup - I of course follow Vivianna as she is a fellow beauty blogger, but a beauty blogger with an amazing makeup and skincare collection! Always love her beauty images.
 @kennethsohmakeup - I love when makeup artists are on Instagram, it is like a backstage pass to their everyday life. Lots of beautiful up close shots of models and snaps of products. 

  @jessicabeautician - I love watching Jessica on Youtube, she has such good taste in makeup and skincare products which really shows through her Instagram photos. 

  @lisaeldridgemakeup - I'm a huge fan on Lisa Eldridge so following her Instagram is a must for me. Again really great to see more of her day-to-day life which seems pretty glamorous! 

  @kayleighjcouture - I feel like Kayleigh and I have a similar taste is beauty products so I'm constantly wanting what she mentions on Instagram. Also she is just too pretty for words! 

@hipsterista - Just a cute Instagram account full of outfit inspiration and lovely accessories. There are lots of account similar to this one but I find this one is updated quite often. 

  @fashionaddictx0 - Another Instragram that consists of outfit inspiration plus lots of shoes and nail art. 

  @natashandlovu - Natasha is a beautiful model and blogger with a mixture of image of jobs she has done and blog OOTDs

  @fashion_snap - Lots of cute outfit ideas for Spring/Summer on this Instagram account. Probably my favourite for outfit inspiration as there are just so many images to look through. 

  @bycelina - I follow Celina's blog which I love so this is just an extension of her blog and her love of shopping. Lots of designer handbag and shoe porn

  @fashionfilth - I am just obsessed with watching Alexia's Lookbooks on YouTube at the moment. She's actually making me want to do my own this summer for my blog! Amazing OOTD pics on her instagram account.


@glitterguide - is my go-to website for all things pretty and the Instagram account is no different. Lots of lovely images of interiors, fashion and the odd bit of beauty. 

  @garypeppergirl - Just amazing, amazing images that are so inspiring and also make me want to go on holiday to take photos and eat yummy food. 

@nouvelledaily - Nouvelle Daily is another Instagram account with beautiful images... I can see this being as amazing as Glitter Guide. Great one for baking and DIY inspiration. 

  @milkbubbleteax - Milk Bubble Tea is a blog I really love as it is so dreamy and lovely. A real escape into prettiness blog! You can expect Becky's Instagram photos to be just as dreamy and perfect. 

  @photoshome - Lots of pretty oriental images with this Instagram that always stand out and intrigue me. 

  @kristin_ess - Kristin is a contributor of The Beauty Department meaning she always has lots of interesting and pretty photos to share but also has a more laid back approach than TBD Instagram account. 

 Hope this has given you a few suggestions of who to follow on Instagram. I will be making sure to put up 'Part 2' in the next few days! 
Even if you don't have Instagram you can still click on the links and have a look at all the lovely images. 

Fee xo.  

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