My Favourite Instagrammers - Part 2


As here promised here is Part two to my favourite Instagrammers. You can view Part 1 here which lists my favourite beauty, fashion and all round lovely Instagrammers.


@wahnails - Wah's Instagram account is full of snaps of clients nails, which are great for nail inspiration but also interesting to see what people go for on their nails! 
@tweetiisweetii  - Amazing nail art by Tweety - always flawless and creative! Lots of nail images and even a few step-by-step nail art tutorials. 
@bedizzle - The most detailed and creative nails I ever did see here! This account makes me want to get out my nail art brushes and try more detailed nail art. 
@michellepoena - More NOTD's than nail art with this account but still amazingly done. I also fine myself Googling the nail polishes used as she always uses nail polish brands that aren't available in the UK
@letsgogetnailed - A great one for more simple nail art that can easily be achieved by anyone that loves painting their nails. Also the images always seem really summery which I love
@onenailtorulethemall - I am constantly wow'd at the detail and creativity of Alice's nails. They are literally amazing and so my style. Also she does share which nail art brushes and pens she uses - so helpful. 

@loveyourbodycookery - I love to follow healthy food instagram account with really good photography and ideas, and this certainly is a good account for that. I've tried out a few recipes so far from this one with my favourite being the chocolate orange mini loaf cake which tastes really indulgent whilst still being healthy. 
@liverightbehealthy - My favourite healthy food account here! I find myself often going on the Live Right Be Healthy blog to find out a recipe after being so tempted by the photos. The sweet potato brownies are just amazing and the Blueberry Muffins are super low in calories but great for breakfast as they only contain a banana, eggs and blueberries.. though I do prefer to swap the blueberries for a teaspoon of Nutella!

 @officialfooddiary - This is the Instagram food diary of Muhsine who writes Bubblegarm. Her daily food diary has really made me think a bit more creatively about food and realise I need to stop being so lazy with meals. A great motivation if you are trying to eat healthy/clean. 

  @carlyrowena - This isn't so much a food account but a fit inspiration for me, as Carly (who has a great You Tube channel) is one healthy, fit person. I find this a great one for general motivation though I could never be as healthy as Carly! 

  @foodloverpics - Not a low calorie meal in sight just 100% food heaven here. From amazing desserts to carb overload with pizza and pasta dishes. Lots of creative ideas as well to try out
  @tastyhealth - Another good account of healthy desserts and sweet breakfast ideas, such as No bake Apple Pie Protein Bars and Giant Chocolate Coffee Pancakes.

@instagramholidays - This is a really great seasonal/holiday Instagram account with lots of different ideas and pretty photos for each holiday. I followed the account at Christmas and loved all the images and now they have been removed for lovely new Easter and spring pics. 

  @deluxefx - From what I gather Deluxe FX is a photo editing app for the iPhone and the photos on the account are the best edited ones using the app. Lots of amazing landscapes that are just so vivid and beautiful. 

  @saramueller - This is a lovely mixture of everything account that I have been really enjoying recently. Only last week Sara posted such a great idea she'd found to organise your desktop and I decided to try it out and it worked brilliantly. A must follow just for that I think! I may actually post about the desktop background idea in another post it's that good.

  @1bite2xshy - Stacey is a must follow if you appreciate art as she is such an amazingly talented artist. Her work its just so realistic and the portrait of Lana Del Ray just blows me away everytime I look at it. 

  @rosielondoner - I'm sure most of you will already be following Rosie from The Londoner blog as she is amazingly beautiful and knows how to cook (and eat!). Just lots of lovely images of her travels, recipes and her very cute dog. 

  @huntandbow - A lovely interior Instagram account with lots of images of blue willow which I am a huge fan of. Australian interior design is actually really lovely as it seems to be a mix of UK and U.S styles.

 Really hope you have enjoyed this two-part post! 

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Fee xo.  
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