Rose Scents & Red Nails


Today is Valentine's Day if you hadn't noticed! So I thought I would write a post on rose scented beauty products and red nails... because I'm a beauty blogger and that is what I do! 

I'm actually a bit of an odd bod and didn't actually like rose scented products until a few years ago, but I realised it was down to the rose scented products I was trying out. I think a lot of rose products can either be quite granny-ish or too herbal. 

I also didn't ever wear red nail polish but over the years as I have become addicted to nail polish I have found a few red polish that I really like, though I have two rules; it has to be an opaque red in two coats and it cannot contain any shimmer, unless it's a red glitter which always reminds me of Dorothy's red glittery shoes!

Red nails...

Barry M Bright Red 262
£2.99 Superdrug/Boots
This was first actual red nail polish and year and years on it is still going strong. The colour is bold and bright and the formula is fast drying and only needs a few coats. My personal favourite budget red nail polish. 

Revlon All Fired Up
 £2.99 eBay here
Over the years Revlon have come out with many red nail polishes in different finishes and I do own quite a few Revlon reds now but this is my favourite one. All Fired Up was a nail polish that was actually released in 1952 along with Fire & Ice Lipstick then both products were re-released in 2010! I love that it has a bit of history behind it so this feels like my vintage red. The finish is quite glossy and opaque in two coats. 

Model Own Scarlett Sparkle 
£5.00 Model Own site here
I own so many Models Own glitter nail polish and has discovered that they either fall into the loose glitter category or the packed glitter (opaque) category, but this glitter doesn't actually fit into either. It definitely needs a red base nail polish but then it only need two coats to cover the nail (without a base you would need 4 plus coats). This is my Wizard of Oz nail polish and I love it!  


Rose scented...

Sleek Rose Gold Blusher 
£4.49 - Sleek website/Superdrug here
This really is the most amazing blusher from Sleek. It truly has to be seen in person and swatched to be fully appreciated. An amazing blush for glow-y highlighted cheeks. Just so pretty.  

Balance Me Rose Otto Hand Cream 100ml
£14.50 - Gorgeous Shop here
I first discovered the Balance Me Rose Otto range when I tried the SLS-free body wash and I was so amazed how soft it left my skin for just being a shower gel. But since then I have realised that all Balance Me product are like this. The hand creams are the most hydrating I have tried. I won't lie though, the scent isn't my favourite as it's a Moroccan herbal rose scent however as it is the best formula I have tried I can totally deal with the scent.
Paul Smith Rose EDP 30ml
£16.95 - Cheap Smells here
A perfect fresh rose perfume for Spring. Nothing powdery or old lady-like but just a modern rose scent. I've re-purchased this perfume a few times now as I love to wear it in spring so much! 

Rose & Co Rose Petal Salve Lip Balm 20g 
 £5.00  - Amazon here
  Rose & Co salves are amongst my favourite lip balms. If you love rose scented products then you will definitely enjoy this lip balm.

 Thought I would also share this lovely and meaningful quote/passage with you to finish off the post.  

Hope you all have a lovely day.

Fee xo.

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