Nails, A Ramble & Marie Claire U.S


As some of you may have noticed I didn't write a lazy links post at the weekend! This was due to feel bluergh and generally ill. I've been ill for what seems to be ages now so decided to not blog for a few days and do nothing. 

But now I'm actually feeling like my horrible cold/nosebleeds/cheekbone ache/everything ache is quite a bit less and I'm determined to get lots done this week including blogging. Does anyone else appreciate life and just feeling normal a lot more after being ill? 

My first job of the day was to paint my nails for a post that will be up tomorrow, the nails are below however these aren't the finished look... I decided to try out something kind of new to me and I'm really pleased with the results.


This Week...

As for the rest of the day I need to catch up on some other outside of Makeup Savvy blogging things, take my dog for a walk in the nice sunshine, go food shopping and organise some of my makeup. Then more blogging tonight and You Tube watching - I watch more vlogs on You Tube than actual TV now I think! 

Also this week I really want to take a trip to Ikea (I may actually take my camera with me to photograph lots of different makeup storage options for a storage ideas post) as I want to get another desk for my spare room (which will be for boring office things rather than makeup) and also some picture frames as I plan to buy some nice PDF prints (this and this) from Etsy (these are ones you can print out from home or at a printers and save so much money - prices are around £3-7 per print). I also want to go to B&Q to acquire some wallpaper samples for a few new blog photo backgrounds.

In between all of that I plan to go swimming, make my own peanut butter, go to the cinema to see 'This is 40', paint my spare room/makeup room and avoid going makeup shopping! 

American Marie Claire Magazine

Also while I was rambling I thought I would mention about my Marie Claire U.S subscription, which I think is so much better than our UK issue. I actually got a bit hooked on reading U.S magazine whilst on holiday at the end of last year. So at the start of 2013 I decided to subscribe to one, but quickly released I would be paying £60+ a year. But then I discovered this website which is american but the subscription to Marie Claire U.S is only $10 with $15 international shipping making it roughly £16 a year! There are lots of other magazine titles however the international delivery charges are quite a lot higher for some reason. But I am just so pleased I could subscribe to it for less than the UK magazine!

End of ramble! 

I hope you all have a nice week ahead and lets hope it stays sunny.

Fee xo.

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