Lush Valentine's Day Treats


Whether you like Valentine's Day or not it is a nice opportunity to be pampered either by someone else or yourself. It also means girly products released for the day, such as the ones in this post. But if none of that interests you there is the reduced boxes of chocolates in Tesco the day after! 

For me personally I like any 'special' day/holiday as it just breaks up the months and makes that day in the week something different. Christmas and Halloween have to be my favourite but I also enjoy Easter, Valentine's, Pancake Day and any others I am missing out.

 Here are two new products from Lush just in time for Valentine's Day...

Lush The Kiss Lip Gloss/Balm 
£5.50 - here or in-store 
A total first for Lush - a vegan friendly lip product! Now initially I thought what a small pot of lip balm for £5.50 and I still do think it could have contained a bit more than 10g of product but actually this little pot of pink goodness has impressed me more than I expected it to. 

The Kiss lip gloss is described as a light balm to moisturise and protect the lips, while giving a subtle pink glossy sheen and I have to fully agree with this, which is why I think calling it a Lip Gloss is a bit misleading, this for me is a tinted lip balm all the way. It is smooth and creamy meaning it sits lightly on the lips and slightly moisturises them. The scent is definitely my favourite thing about this product and taste very sweet and as someone on the Lush website commented, like a drumstick lolly! Also is not only smells nice but tastes nice - as good as the yummy lip scrubs! 

As for the tint I have to say it does make the lips slightly light pink and shimmery which some may not like, though this can easily be worn under a lip product or you can use less and work it into the lips. Really do like this product a lot and hope that Lush will be making more vegan lip balms in the future! 


Tender is the Night Massage Bar 
£4.50 - here or in-store 
Another first again with this valentine's themed product - their first ever soft centred massage bar. I have always been on the fence about massage bars from Lush even though they always smell amazing. I just don't seem to relax enough to actually use one and enjoy it. However this new soft centred balm-y product is really temping me as it smells amazing and the soft centre really is a lot softer than the outer crumbly but balmy shell. 

As for the scent it is girly, creamy, sweet and like a lot other Lush products it smells good enough to eat. 

If you are in to pampering yourself I would highly recommended this product in place of a moisturiser or body oil for a different type of treat as it does leave the skin so soft and feels lovely on the skin as it melts. I'm also thinking this could be good rubbed into the feet at night then left to soak in with socks overnight or even on the cuticles or ends of the hair, again as an overnight treatment to wash out in the morning (though do not take my word on that, I will have to test this out and report back!). So it could be used more as a multi-balm then a massage bar if you wanted to use it in little chunks to make it last.    

Lush also have some gift sets available for Valentine's day.... but if you are a man reading this with a girlfriend or wife then I would strongly suggest you impress her even more by bypassing the gift sets and making up your own little hamper of products. A few lovely products include... It Started With A Kiss Lip Tint £5.50/here, Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly £3.10/here and the lovely Cupcake Fresh Face Mask £5.95/here. For extra brownie points you could wrap it up in one of Lush's wrap scarves... or even go next door and get one from Primark! Or impress her even more and include a few extras such as a DVD or even her favourite magazine (just make sure she hasn't read it already!). 

If you are a lover of Lush products please let me know what your favourite newer product from Lush is, as they have been releasing so many new products at the moment! 

Fee xo. 

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