50 Random Facts About Me


I'm not one for doing tags that often but recently I have been reading and watching so many '50 Random Facts' tags and have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know bloggers a bit better. So I decided I would do it as well.

After finally thinking of my 50 facts I realised that most of them are either a little odd or funny but really I haven't done that much so far in life so they are literally just totally random facts! 
  1. I have never tried tomatoes, cucumber, prawns, melon or a pork pie.
  2.  I don't know how to ride a bike 
  3. Without glasses or contacts I cannot see anything
  4. Seven Pounds is my all time favourite film
  5. I have been scared of wolves ever since I saw Maugrim, the chief of the secret police in TV version of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
  6. I could eat maraschino cherries and jalapeƱos daily
  7. I do not iron nor own an iron
  8. I know I will never learn to drive
  9. Or have children
  10. I love Monopoly. I'm always the little dog for reference
  11. I once received a letter from Jacqueline Wilson with hand drawn illustrations
  12. I love Easter egg chocolate
  13. I use to think Unicorns were real until quite late in life (will not be admitting what age I was)
  14. I also use to think Guide Dogs were in fact blind...
  15. I once cut my tongue licking a yoghurt pot lid and haven't licked one since
  16. I'm quite accident prone
  17. I like to think I am very good at crazy golf
  18. When I was in my early teens I use to sell WWF Wrestling tickets on eBay.
  19. I get very excited by snow
  20. I love documentaries, especially on drug addictions/prisons/other equally cheery topics
  21. When I was little I attempted to re-create the sledging down the stairs scene from Home Alone.... with the front door closed.... on a giant book
  22. 1

  23.  I'm allergic to cats and fresh pineapple
  24. I have one sister and technically five step brothers
  25. I studied Art & Design at college then Graphic Design at uni but dropped out after a month.
  26.  I will be 25 in May
  27. I don't like receiving flowers unless its an orchid or artificial flowers... it just seems like a waste.
  28. My favourite time of year is Christmas
  29.  I love almost anything miniature
  30. I'm left handed but can only use scissors in my right hand
  31. Before Makeup Savvy I use to write an interior design blog 
  32. I have only been outside of Europe once, to Morocco (didn't enjoy it).
  33. When I laugh I always get hiccups
  34. I was once bitten by a dog through a letterbox. In my head I'd like to believe it was a big dog but it was most likely to have been a snappy little chihuahua
  35. My favourite books are Fingersmith and Tipping The Velvet, both by Sarah Waters.
  36. I'm pretty addicted to drinking Pepsi Max
  37. I don't like hot drinks and have never drank a full cup of tea -just sips of people's that are convinced I'll like it... I never do
  38. I don't have a favourite colour or number
  39. I once interviewed a cannibal for a college project
  40. I hate giving and receiving Birthday & Christmas cards. I think it's a huge waste of trees, time and money
  41. I see no point in star signs and don't understand people that believe they have the exact character traits of their star sign
  42. If I don't like a film at the cinema I will walk out
  43. Even though I cannot take credit for the up keep of the Twitter hashtag - #bbloggers I am quite proud that I came up with the idea and it is still going strong nearly 2 years on.
  44. I have a dog child named Ruby who is 6 years old
  45. I sneeze when I look at bright lights/the sky which I discovered only last week is called a Photic sneeze reflex and affects 18-35% of people.
  46. I have never wanted to meet a specific celebrity 
  47. I'm double jointed in my hands and arms
  48. I have Raynaud's Disease... but never do anything to help it like wearing socks
  49. I have never bought a lottery ticket. 
  50. The first cassette I owned was Michael Jackson Earth Song
  51.  When I'm older I'd love to live by the sea

Hope you found my facts interesting and learnt quite a few things you didn't know about me! 

I'd love if you wanted to do the 50 Random Facts Tag on your blog, so if you do then make sure to leave me the link in the comments or if have already done the tag. Because as I mentioned I really like reading them! 

Fee xo.

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