Bargain eBay Wish List


I love nothing more than browsing eBay for hours when bored to find interesting but cheap products, so I thought I would create a wish list type post of a few of the things that I am currently watching/thinking of purchasing. 

I quite enjoyed selecting the products and making the collage above so this may become a regular post!

*All prices include P&P costs*

Holika Holika Petit BB Cream - Clearing 30ml
eBay - £4.28 here
I'm currently loving Korean beauty products as they are such great value on eBay and I really do feel Korean brands are good quality for the price. So right now I'd prefer to try out an Asian BB Cream over an overpriced UK high street BB cream. This one by Holika Holika really caught my eye due to the price and because it is aimed at blemish prone skin

  Sparrow Nest Keyring and Key Holder 
ebay - single £1.58 here | double £2.27 here 
These are just so cute and so cheap! You can buy either a single or double key holder and the idea is the plastic bird is actually a keyring and the nest/bird box is hung on the wall. So when you come in you can place your bird keyring with your keys attached in the little nest! Even the double key holder is only £2.27 including p&p but the only down side is the holder and keyring colour are randomly picked so you don't get a choice over a brown or white holder etc. I have checked all the listings on eBay and they are all the same when it comes to this but for under £2.50 it is worth the gamble. Also this could make a great little house warming gift!
VOV Daily Fresh Korean Face Mask 
eBay - All 7 for £6.18 here | 5 for £5.04 here | 3 for £3.78 here
I am currently so into using face masks and love trying out new & interesting ones. So these may have been purchased already! As you can see there are a few listings and you can select the face masks you want out of a choice of seven. I decided to go for - 17 Cereals, Berry and Berry and Volcanic Powder.  I may have been drawn in by the nice packaging of the masks but I'm hoping I will actually like the masks themselves when they arrive. 

Yummy Betty Crocker & Pillsbury American Lip Balms 
Betty Crocker & Dairy Queen - all £2.40 here 
Pillsbury - all £2.40 here
I am a total sucker when it comes to yummy scented lip balms, especially american ones. But really who couldn't resist Betty Crocker's Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip Lip Balm or Pillsbury Ready to Bake Sugar Cookies! These will of course be a little synthetic in scent however on the whole American scented cookie/chocolate lip balms are pretty realistic and also apply really smoothly to the lips. I had an american hot fudge lip balm that I loved soooo much!

Color Combos Oatmeal Whitening Facial Sheet Mask 
eBay - £1.99 here
I am generally not a fan of Asian products that state their whitening properties, for obvious reasons and also I don't feel a simple sheet face mask could actually do that to the skin. But I do know that a lot of products that are marketed as 'whitening' do just brighten the skin which is what I like in a mask especially if my skin is looking a little dull. So at a meer £2 it is worth giving a go.

Really hope you like these type of bargain posts as I'm on a bit of a spending cut at the moment and eBay is very much my friend for treating myself but not actually spending too much. 

Fee xo.  

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