Lazy Links #5


 Lazy Links time again! When writing these posts it becomes apparent how quickly the weeks go by... which I'm deciding to see as a good thing as it means it will be Spring before we know it!

Hope you enjoy discovering a few new things with this week's Lazy Links...


Absolutely love this DIY post from Amy! Whether you like the Marc Jacobs Daisy fragrance or not this is a lovely phone case that can be easily made. But it has also inspired me to have a look at what other gems/objects can be purchased to glue onto a clear iPhone case.

In the past few months I have fallen a bit out of love with beauty boxes, especially after She Said Beauty decided to stop their subscription service. I just feel for the amount of money you pay (normally around the £10-£13 mark) you can't actually receive that much per box. But I feel like a more luxury box with full size lifestyle/beauty items like the U.S Popsugar Must Have Box could be really great in the UK... if it was done well, of course! The U.S box costs $35 which is £22 so it wouldn't be that cheap but I think a box that costs £15-£20 per month could be really good, that offers a book or magazine, beauty products, accessories and food!

That or the beauty boxes in the UK up their game and stop offering the same brands or tiny samples from unheard of small brands *end of rant*.


 No YT Beauty channel recommendations this week as I have been sticking to watching my favourites such as - FluerDeVlog, SunBeamsJess, Gemsmaquillage, Dollybowbow, ViviannaDoesMakeup and MissBudgetBeauty

But here is a song cover that I have been loving... 


Gangnam Style (acoustic) by Jayesslee
I think most people are pretty sick of hearing Gangnam Style by now but I discovered this cover on YouTube this week and loved how different it was to the original. They also have some other great covers over on their channel to check out.


I have never really gotten in to looking/reading Tumblr blogs but I somehow stumbled across this one (I think through Pinterest) and keep going back to it to save pretty images for inspiration and to maybe use on my blog at a later date. Just a great mix of photos to either pass the time, pin on Pinterest or just to save.

A lovely beauty/fashion/lifestyle blog find here that is a joy to read. I really enjoy Meg's style of posts, you can tell they are thought out, which makes each blog post an enjoyable read. My favourite recent blog post has to be on her makeup storage - here which is just so unique and vintage-ey.


Acrylic storage for makeup is great and this is just sooooooo cheap! You could of course use this just to hold all your favourite lipsticks (it will hold 24!) or you could use it for any slim products such as mascara, lipglosses, samples etc. 100% worth it and acrylic storage always lasts!
I never buy anything from Superdrug online as I hate paying for delivery but up until Thursday the site is offering free delivery with no minimum spend. I think I will be
purchasing the new B. Pure Micellar Water 150ml - intro price £3.99 - here as I really like Micellar waters and I have read some good reviews on this budget one. Also it is a great opportunity to purchase some MUA products - here, as my local Superdrug never seem to have the full range of products or they have all been tested.

Hope you have all had a nice weekend, especially anyone celebrating Chinese New Year today! 

Fee xo.

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