My New Makeup Desk


Last week I mentioned that I planned to go to Ikea for a new desk.... and I did! Sadly I didn't take my camera along with me as it was an impromptu trip, but I did get the desk I wanted. 

The desk was under £30 and I'm really pleased with how it looks. So I thought I would show you! 

I decided I needed a new makeup desk as I wanted to create an extra office area with a desk in my makeup room... for paper, stationary and to do boring tax things at. So I decided to use the makeup desk I had (see below) as it's glass and quite impractical for makeup/keeping clean and then get a new, smaller desk for doing my makeup at.

My previous desk... 
The desk that I originally used was from Ikea (I do think Ikea are the best for desk combinations) and similar to my new desk I purchased the table top and legs separately. The table top was the Vika Gruvan in White (£70 - here) which I think looks really nice with the space for items under the glass . I just placed cards from Paperchase and Rob Ryan lasercut prints under there to add a bit of interest. Then I bought two bookcase style trestles, again from Ikea, however these aren't available anymore, though there is a lot of choice when it comes to legs and trestles. 

If you are planning on buying a desk from Ikea I would highly recommend doing a Google image search of the desk (table top) you like the look of and see how it has been style by others and what legs look good with it. 


New Desk Setup... 

When deciding on my new desk I knew I wanted something smaller. My philosophy being smaller desk, less mess! The top is the Vika Amon in White (£20 - here) which was actually £17 in-store and 2 x Lerberg Trestles in Grey (£5 each - here) totaling only £27 which I think is so reasonable for a desk. If you are on even more of a budget there is a smaller table top in the same range for only £7.

The options for legs are really great at Ikea and you can actually have one normal metal leg and then a storage unit as the other leg, as all the legs, trestle legs and storage units are the same height and depth. 

Storage & Accessories... 

As for the pretty items on my desk, I have tried to keep it more minimal so that I will hopefully stay tidy. I of course have my Muji Storage which I love and couldn't be without (full post of my Muji setup here) and a Glass Sweets Jar from Matalan (£2 in-store) that holds lip products. I also have a chocolate box beneath that which contains lipbalms. I also have a Pedestal Mirror from Primark which was only £4.

You may have noticed the lack of brushes on my desk, which is because I also purchased two lovely metal lace trimmed plant pots (Skurar range £2 each - here) but I need to put some uncooked rice in to them to hold the brushes and so they sit higher in the pot

For decorative accessories I have a new vintage perfume framed print that was a gift which I really like. I also have my golden stag that was in fact from the Christmas range at Asda a few years ago and my gold stegosaurus which was a plastic toy that I applied gold leaf to. As for the cute old style milk bottle vase I purchased that from Dot Com Gift Shop for £2.95 here and the artificial flowers were from a selection at Dunelm Mill. 

 Hope this was helpful to those of you that may need some inspiration or like interior posts

Fee xo. 

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