Favourite Nail Polish Essentials


It is fair to say I have more than enough nail polish. So much so that I feel guilty when I look at my collection and realise I have so many amazing shades and glitters that I have only used once! However I do have my favourites which I always go back to and I also have my essential polishes. These are my base coats, top coats, and my basic shades for nail art. 

 So I thought today I would share with you my absolute favourite essential nail polishes.

Favourite Base Coat 
Essie Ridge Filler for Artifical Nails 
I have tried a few base coats over the last few years but always forget about then as all they seem to do is prevent nail staining. However as soon as I started using the Essie Ridge Filler I knew it would be a base coat I would be using frequently. This is designed for artifical nails however I can't see any reason why not to use it on natural nails and I personally feel it works wonders on smoothing out the ridges in my nails to create a perfect base. I use this when going for nude nails so the finish is perfect and also when doing nail art as again I want the base to be as perfect as possible. 
Available on eBay for £4.99 free p&p - here

 Favourite Glossy Top Coat 
NYC Quick Dry Nail Polish  in Grand Central Station
This may not even mention it is a top coat on the bottle but this is 100% the best top coat I have ever tried and also at an amazing price. The clear top coat has a slightly watery consistancy which means it just glides onto the nails and doesn't smudge nail polish or nail art. I find it dries fast, never bubbles and always looks glossy. I just know I won't be purschasing any other top coat other than this ever again!
Available from Superdrug online and in-store for £1.79 - here  

Favourite Matte Top Coat 
Models Own Pro Matt Top Coat 
There aren't many matt top coats on the high street so this is a blessing if you do like matte nails. I cannot fault this in any way, it simply gives the nails a matte finish in under 60 seconds and the finish is ultra smooth which is strangly nice to touch! 
Available from Boots.com £8.00 - here 

Favourite Opaque Black nail polish 
Rimmel I Love Lasting Finish in Black Cab
I have tried many black nail polishes over the years and have found so many to be quite sheer, meaning they need 3+ coats to be totally black. However I finally found my perfect black nail polish with Rimmel Black Cab. Two coats is all you need for glossy jet black nails. 
Available from Boots for £2.99 here or Superdrug - here   

Favourite Opaque White nail polish 
Collection 2000 5 Day Wear in French White
This is my go-to white nail polish. Again much like black nail polishes, white polishes can be quite sheer but as this is a french white which is for french manicures it is a good opaque white in 2 coats. Really haven't found anything as good from any other high street brand.
I cannot seem to find this online but almost sure you can find it in Boots for £2.99
I realised after taking the photos for this post that I didn't include a favourite nude nail polish as I view a good nude shade a great essential for nail art and a nice base for many glitter polishes.

 I will just have to do my Top 5 Nude Nail Polishes now I think!

Hope you liked this post. 

Fee xo.  

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