Easiest Nail Art Ever with Sharpie Markers!


When it comes to nail art even for me it can be easy to just stick to using glitter nail polish or a dotting tool. Because lets face it, doing nail art can be fiddly and also someones impossible with your other hand. 

However I have finally discovered the easiest pens to use and they come in 3 lovely metallic shades . Yes, they are just Sharpie fine point markers but they just work perfectly. 

I've tried various Sharpie pens in the past, some have worked and some haven't. I actually like to use an extra fine black Sharpie Marker quite often for nail art. So when I spotted a 3 pack of the new-ish Sharpie Metallic Markers in Tesco I thought I would try them out. Do not worry though you can also find them on eBay for £4.19 with  free p&p - here which is roughly what I paid. The markers come in a set of three consisting of - gold, silver and bronze.


As you can see here I tried out the silver and gold markers with quite good effect. The thing I really like about these pens is that you don't need to shake them and they are opaque meaning you don't need to go over your nail art design at all. 

However there are some things that you have to make sure of. The first one is you need to make sure your nail polish is totally dry before using the markers on the nails or it will just drag the nail polish and look awful. Also you do have to use a top coat to seal in the nail art but this is were you can smudge the design so you need to let the Sharpie Marker dry and then with enough top coat on the brush you need to quickly and lightly apply it to each nail. If you drag the polish over the nail a few times it's more than likely going to smudge. But as you can see by my nails you can definitely apply a top coat without smudging them.

I'm just so pleased with my new discovery and can see myself using the pens quite often to add gold tips to my nails and polka dots. But now I can attempt some more complex nail art as it is just like using a pen as the nib works perfectly on the nails. 

Expect to see more Sharpie Marker nail art is some up coming nail posts as I have a feeling I will be getting obsessed with using these instead of nail polish nail art pens! 

Fee xo.

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