Oh My Haul - February 2013


New series alert! New series alert! 

Nothing major but I really enjoy doing haul posts so I have decided to start a monthly haul post near towards the end of each month entitled 'Oh My Haul'.

This months haul consists of a good mixture of items and lots of bargains. Also a few things in my haul have been mentioned in past wish list posts or I have already reviewed... because I'm a bit of a numpty!


Diego Dalla Palma Pop Art Lipstick in 173 Pink 
Super bargain buy from eBay
Ever since I tried the lipstick from the Limited Edition Diego Dalla Palma palette (see my post with the palette in it here) I was eager to buy more! The pigmentation of the red lipstick was amazing, it had a lovely scent (similar to MAC lipsticks), was nicely hydrating but also long lasting and didn't feather. However at £14.00 I think I would always opt for a MAC lipstick, so I took to eBay to find a bargain and after a few months of watching lots of DDP lipsticks I bagged my bargain for under £4 including delivery - wooop!

This pink lipstick definitely hasn't disappointed. The formula is perfect and the neon pink shade will be perfect for both Spring and Summer wear. As it so bright I know it will be one to wear with just a bit of eyeliner and mascara for a really fresh look.


Homeware Buys... 

I love my homeware purchases and interior shopping and as these two items will be residing on my makeup desk I thought I would include them in this post. 

Crown Trinket Dish
The interesting Crown ornament/dish was a random buy when looking at the clearance section of Homesense (interior little sister of TK Maxx). I can't remember how much it was now but I'm sure it was under £5 so I decided to just get it. I think what I like about it is that to me it looks like some kind of crown/octopus hybrid, as the top kind of looks like octopus tentacles! I quite like how it looks with jewellery in it but I may also try it with my favourite lipsticks in. 

Vintage Perfume Print
 As for the vintage Perfume Ad re-print which I have lent up on my makeup table it was a gift and I cannot find it online sadly. I did Google the perfume and found out that it would have been released around 1940-1950 and the perfume is still actually sold today! I find vintage beauty ads so interesting and my favourite place to find them is eBay - vintage Revlon and Max Factor ads are by far my favourites. 


Sally Hansen Insta Dri Speed Dry Drops 
£3.28 Free P&P from eBay - here
I mentioned these Insta Speed Dry Drops in a wish list post this month and decided at such a low price I should just buy it. I have so far tried out the drops twice and have been impressed. I don't like how the drops spread onto the cuticles but it is absorbed by the skin fairly quickly. I can see this product being ideal for making sure my nails are totally dry before bed as I do always end up with the thread print of my duvet cover on my nails, or for when I am late and need to go out but want my nails to be fully dry.

Gogo Philip Red Heart Necklace 
ASOS selection - here 
Gogo Philip website with free worldwide p&p - here
Sadly this necklace longer available but I thought I would still show it as I love Gogo Philip jewellery and own a few pieces now. All jewelery from both ASOS and the official website is free delivery and is affordable but unique. I always feel like I am wanting a necklace, bracelet or ring from the brand.


Random extras...

Set of 3 Mini Kyle Books Notebooks 
Offical website - £7.99 here or John Lewis
I purchased these cute little notebooks in the John Lewis sale online at the beginning of February. I thought three would be enough for blogging things as I need to be a lot more organised with blog posts and ideas. 
Sharpie Fine Metallic Markers 
Set of 3 from Tesco or eBay for £4.39 - here 
I have just wrote a full post on how these Sharpies are the best pens for nail art so you should probably just read the post here if you want to see what I mean. But to reiterate the post, these are just the easiest thing to use on the nails ever! Also the three shades are so lovely. 
Lip Smacker Soda Lip Balms 
From £2.50 from eBay - here
Lip Smackers are the best range of fizzy/soda inspired lip balms. I think it's both the flavors and packaging that keeps on drawing me in to purchase more. I have tried so many now but the Coca Cola lip balms have to be my favourites from the brand.
Moustache Thank You Cards from Graphique de France
Found in Homesense 
These were a lucky find in Homesense, again on clearance. I had to get them as they are so cute and different for the general UK stationary. Sadly these probably can be only found in Homesense or on Ebay at a push as the brand isn't stocked in the UK... though it really should be and the stationary is just so amazing!

Hope you have enjoyed this lengthy haul post!

Fee xo.   

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