Top 12 Beauty Products of 2012 - Part 1


For my own round-up of what were the best products in 2012 I thought I would be more relaxed this year with no categories. I simply picked out all the products that I thought were amazing in 2012 and then whittled it down to just twelve. 

A lot of the products mentioned are very popular because they are so great! But if you haven't tried something from my top 12 then make sure to Google for some full reviews because everything on my list is really worth trying out!


Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum
Boots - £10.99 here 
For the first half of 2012 I really thought the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation was my favourite go-to foundation however once autumn arrived I switched to Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum and loved it even more. The reason for this is the slightly better coverage and serum consistency, which  really does blend well into the skin. What I love most about this foundation is that is really conceals any redness in the skin and doesn't ever look cakey. An amazing quality foundation for the high street... which isn't surprising when Chanel & Bourjois cosmetics are owned by the same people and the products are produced in the same factory! 

My only word of warning is that the lightest shade (I haven't tried any of the other shades so can't comment on them) is very yellow toned which may not suit all fair skin tones. 


Nivea Lip Butter 
Superdrug - £1.49 here
Nivea have done so well with this product. Finally a super cheap wonderfully buttery lip balm that is free from petroleum jelly. These remind me of The Body Shop Lip Butters but slightly softer and not in annoying little pots. I only have the Raspberry Rose Lip Butter for now (which tastes and smells like raspberry yoghurt) but I am dying to try the Caramel Cream one and the Vanilla & Macadamia. These won't heal chapped lips but soften the lips really nicely and the thick buttery balm feels so nice to apply. 

Moroccan Oil The Original Oil Treatment 
HQ Hair - £12.85 (25ml) here
I don't know a single person that has tried this and not loved it! This is the crème de la crème of hair oils. Granted it is pricey however you need so little that it will last a long time. I use this on the length and ends of towel dried hair and then dry my hair as normal. This makes - drying time so much faster, makes my hair dry straighter, practically removes all frizz and what I love most of all; it seals my split ends so that my hair looks so smooth and glossy! This really does give my hair a new lease of life. I do however want to try out the Aldi Miracle Hair Oil (£3.99) and Babyliss Pro Argan Oil (Beauty Bay £10.95 for 100ml) to see how they all compare! 


 Models own Glitter Nail Polish 
Models Own - £5.00 here | ASOS - here 
 This may be a slight cheat as I'm not picking a specific nail polish here but last year really was the year of some amazing glitters from Models Own. The Mirror Ball Collection (swatches: here & here) was especially my favourite but I also loved the glitters in the Hed Kandi Collection (swatches: here) and the wonderfully Christmassy glitters of the Wonderland Collection (swatches: here & here). I also loved Gold Finger, Scarlett Sparkle and Juicy Jules too. Most glitter nail polishes whatever the brand tend to apply nicely but with Models Own it's just about how unique they are especially for them being so accessible from Boots or on


Batiste Dry Shampoo
Boots - £2.99 (200ml) here
2012 was the year that I discovered scented Batiste and then there was no looking back. I can't actually remember what I did before dry shampoo, now Batiste will always be my No.1 choice. On days when I don't even need to use dry shampoo I still find I use it sometimes, especially when creating a bit of a bump in the back of my pony tail and to add volume. Favourite scents have to be Cherry and also Tropical.


Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette
Look Fantastic - £32.40 here
 There isn't alot to say about this except that is a perfect palette for anyone that loves cool toned neutral shades. All the eye shadows are so buttery and pigmented and the double ended brush is a great extra. I personally get a lot of use out of Foxy and Bootycall as base shades and then I use most of the other shades blended in the crease. I also use Blackout a lot with an angled eyeliner brush on my top lash line. You can see my full review of the palette here

Part Two to come tomorrow!

Fee xo. 

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