Lazy Links #1

Some of you may remember back in November last year (that feels very odd to say/type) I wrote a 'Lazy Links' post which contained all the lovely things I had discovered from around the internet. Interesting articles, bloggers I had only just found, YouTube videos etc. If you haven't read the post you can find it here.

I really did enjoy putting it together and sharing amazing blog posts with you instead of just 'liking' them on Bloglovin'. So from now on my Lazy Links post is going to be a weekly Sunday post of things to discover and read... so here is my first one of 2013


theNotice's Liveliest Lessons of 2012 
This was my favourite new year's post by far. So beautifully wrote by Rae and not your normally beauty post. I won't go on about this... just go read to fully understand what I mean

Rotten Otter's 2012 Favourites 
 Katy has an amazing blog that I really do love but this specific post was my favourite of all the 'favourite products from 2012' posts I have read.. and I must have read 30+ by now. Amazing photography and a great selection of products with lots I have tried and also want to try out- a must read blog post! This is making me want to write my own 'Best of 2012' post ASAP.


 I actually came across this Youtube channel because of a tweet from Jai'me @Jaimelondonboy and I'm so glad I have a new beauty Youtuber to watch! Some of Lauren's tutorials are such amazing transformations that are really worth watching. 


Blush and Brunch 
 I discovered this wonderful blog last week when Rachanne left me a comment on a post on Makeup Savvy and I clicked on her blog link. Blush and Brunch is a beauty/lifestyle/fashion blog from Hong Kong (I love reading other blogs from around the world) that includes lovely images and easy to read posts making it great for having a quick daily read of. I'm currently working my way back through all the old posts because I'm enjoying it so much. 

 I actually discovered Ellalogy though Blush and Brunch as they have recently done a makeup swap together. Again a lovely beauty blog with nice images and interesting reviews. I especially like Ellie's fashion sense!
  Milk Bubble Tea 
I have been reading Becky's blog for such a long time now and I always enjoy it. I really love the style of her photography and the yummy foodie posts, plus you do get a really sense of Becky's personality though her blog and she seems like such a lovely person.


Cheap Frills Jewellery 
 I was so pleased when I discovered this little jewellery shop! I pretty much would like to buy everything but if I had to pick my favourite pieces it would be the 18th Century Romance Earrings in black (£6.00 - here) and the Just A Spoon Full of Sugar Necklace (£10.00 - here).

Source: Campfirechic - read her book review here
Blog, Inc (paperback  - £9.89)
 This was a Christmas buy with an Amazon gift voucher I received and I'm soooo pleased I went for this book. I've read a few blogging books in the past and they have all been fairly simple and a bit boring. Blog, Inc however is so detailed, literally covering everything and it's also very current which I love. Also throughout the book there are interviews with lots of pro-bloggers. A must if you want to be more serious with blogging in 2013.

Hope you all have a lovely lazy Sunday. 

Fee xo.

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