Top 12 Beauty Products of 2012 - Part 2


Part two of my 12 favourites of 2012.  You can find part 1 - here.

Again lots of very popular products featured here that I just couldn't have lived without last year


Soap & Glory The Breakfast Scrub
Boots - £9.50 here
 This has to be one of the nicest, yummiest scrubs - ever! First the smell is just perfect, think maple syrup with pancakes and a few slices of banana drizzled with honey on the side. As for the scrub factor the grains in this are just right, not too harsh and not too soft, which means the scrub leaves the skin nice and soft with just the right amount of oil left behind. Also the size of the pot (300ml) is huge so this really does last a good six months or more depending how often you use it. I feel a full review post of this coming on soon. 


Origins Super Spot Remover Blemish Gel 
Boots - £12.00 here
I was a bit hesitant to purchase this product due to its dinky size but not so dinky price tag, but I had read so many good reviews on it that I decided to bite the bullet and get it. Thankfully I found it to be worth the money and more when it zapped up my spots in a matter of two days. This definitely isn't one for sensitive skin and you do have to be careful not to get the gel  around the spot as it will dry the area out but that aside this is one strong spot drying treatment that can really help with breakouts. If you follow the recommended usage of this product you really do notice a reduced difference in spots even after half a day! Also it is something that can be applied over makeup if you are getting on with your day and cannot be makeup free. 


Muji Acrylic Storage 
Muji Online/Selfridges concessions - Various prices here
In 2012 I decided enough was enough and I had to admit my makeup collection has gotten pretty large and it needed to be stored in a proper fashion (not just in various beauty boxes and Ikea CD boxes). So I invested in a selection of Muji storage, which was only under £30 all together (you can see my first set-up - here) then a few months later I decided I needed a few more drawers, which is now my current set-up (here). I only spent £50 in total but I can't even explain how valuable they have been already. No more not knowing where I have put things and no more messy desk! If you are considering some type of storage for your makeup then I cannot recommend clear acrylic storage more highly as they don't show signs of wear and tear and you can see exactly what you have!


HD Brows - Eye & Brow Palette
 Quite had to find online so Google/check eBay - £19
My first step into brow powders was with the HD Brows palette last year and since then I have tried 4 other similar products and still the HD Brows palette is my total favourite. Yes, it is on the pricey side and it contains no wax but the powder stays so well it doesn't need a setting wax and the price I feel is totally justified by the quality of the product and the multi-use out of it. As you can see I use the bottom left shade the most - for my brows, but I also use the bottom right shade for my bottom lash line before mascara and the black with a separate angled brush as eyeliner. So I get a lot of use out of this product and love it so much!


L'Oreal Super Liner Perfect Slim 
Feel Unique - £6.99 here
I love eyeliner so much and there isn't a time were I go without it when wearing makeup . I do opt for pencil liner a lot just to thicken my lash line a bit but if I'm wanting something a little more dramatic or I'm going out I will use this eyeliner. What I love about this eyeliner is that it's a felt tip liner with such a precise tip (actually 0.4mm) so you can easily achieve a very fine line or you can use it on an anglemore for a thicker line. It is also a really pigmented black and doesn't wear off or pull on the skin of the eyelids (one of my pet peeves with liquid eyeliner!). You really cannot go wrong with this eyeliner.


Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer
Boots - £4.19 here
This is probably the most talked about affordable concealer on the internet for all the right reasons! The Lasting Perfection Concealer is great coverage for under the eye dark circles, spots and redness, it also blends well and stays so well when set with powder. I won't ramble on about this as I'm sure you have already read amazing reviews of it online... but if you haven't tried it really do consider picking it up next time you are makeup shopping!  

My only pet peeve with this is that the writing totally smudges off within a few uses, however a lovely reader told me a great tips of applying clear nail polish to the tube as soon as you buy it to prevent that from happening!

Other products I love but didn't make the cut...

Macadamia Deep Masque, DHC Velvet Skin Coat, NYC Clear Top Coat, Cor Silver Soap, NYC Applelicious Lip Balms.

Hope you enjoyed reading what were my favourite beauty products of 2012. May 2013 be an even better year for beauty

Fee xo.   

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