Organising My Makeup Collection


Over the past few weeks I have found my makeup collection on my desk becoming more and more cluttered. I know it's because I need to invest in more acrylic Muji storage. But first I thought I would have a good sort out and tidy things up. 

I've never done a makeup collection post so I thought while I was organising everything I would take a few photos and show what I use daily.


The above messy before image is my 'base' drawer which contained a few foundations I didn't use and was just a bit overcrowded. 

I moved both my Max Factor Xperience foundation (great, but too light in coverage for winter) and Stila Foundation (don't really like this - too waxy feeling) to my surplus makeup storage and added two new BB cream that I want to try out - The Body Shop BB Cream and a mini one from DR Jart. I also removed two No7 Stay Perfect Concealers (my skin is too dry at the moment) and added two Lush Skin Tints into the drawer - the Feeling Younger Skin Tint is a liquid highlighter and Charisma Skin Tint is a liquid bronzer/tint which I love to mix with my foundations. 

I then placed all my concealers at the back of the drawer. My favourite at the moment has to be the Witch Liquid Concealer which is in a click pen design. 


I also tried to organise the top drawer of my muji storage unit that houses my most worn lipsticks but this is definitely were I need more storage, probably two more drawers for extra lipsticks/lipstick pens and also lipglosses. Favourites here have to be the NYX Round Lipsticks as the formula is the best I have ever tried.

I then decided to create separate drawers for my blushers and bronzers as I use to have them all in one drawer which meant half of them didn't fit so were stacked up on my desk. Now I have more room to add more blushers and I can see all my favourite bronzers. At the moment I'm really enjoying the Make Believe Enhance Sunbeam Bronzer - the kabuki brush that comes with it is also so soft. Also loving my recent purchase of the Topshop Cream Blush in Head Over Heals.

In addition to this I have a powders/primers drawer and an eyeshadow and gel eyeliner drawer to sort out but I got a bit bored so will do that another time!

Once I add to my Muji Storage I think I will do a makeup collection post and go through what each drawer contains.

Fee xo.

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