Advertise your Blog in February for only £8!


I have decided to offer blog advertising again for the month of February. Also I have decided to stick to my rate of £8 as I do want to keep it as low as possible so help other bloggers out! 

So here is how you can advertise with me...

The advert which will link to your blog with be 200x100 pixel in size (example below) and will be placed in the left hand sidebar. All adverts will be up from the 4th of the month to the following 4th just so that if gives you that extra time to send me the ad etc. 
Please if you are unsure of how to re-size the image you want, use and then add your blog name/text over the top. No self portrait images please. 

 Important details
If you are a blogger and would like to advertise with me please contact me at with the subject 'Feb blogger advertising' along with the image/ad you wish to use (the correct 200x100 size) and your blog link that you would like for me to link to. I will then email you back to confirm all is fine & dandy! Payment is then expected by the 3rd of the month via paypal or else I won't be able to include your ad. This is open to blogs worldwide.

Email & payment deadline - Sunday 3rd February

Please if you are a business respect that this is a special rate for independent bloggers and doesn't reflect my advertising rates at all. 

Thanks, Fee xo. 

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