Random Nail Art with Nail Art Pens


After painting my nails today with I decided make them more interesting by adding a bit of nail art. I'm not actually that in love with the nail art but I love the gold glitter polish as an accent so thought it was still blog-worthy.

The lovely warm nude nail polish I used was Sally Hansen Complete Salon in Cafe Au Lait (Boots - £2 here) which is actually one of my favourite nail polishes. I then applied two coats of the amazing Avon Color Trend Top Coat in Gold Flecked (eBay - £3.99 here) as an accent on both index fingers.


I then randomly added different patterns to my nails with two Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens. Sadly these are almost impossible to get hold of now even on eBay, though you can find other shades such as gold and silver. I would however recommend trying out an extra fine Sharpie pen (make sure to add a top coat or it will wash off!) if you prefer a proper pen to hold when doing nail art - I know I fine it a lot easier to keep steady and to grip. 

To finish I used a Color Club Top Coat, as a top coat will diffuse any mistakes you have made... you can even apply two layers of top coat actually. 

I feel like I am a bit rusty with nail art at the moment as I haven't done it in quite a while. So I will have to get my Sharpie pen out and get practising again! 

Fee xo.  

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