New Products I Didn't Need But Bought Anyway!


Oh dear, oh dear... somehow I have managed to accumulate quite a few new products when I was thinking I really didn't need anything else after Christmas! 

To be fair though five of the products I bought on sale/clearance (I got some amazing bargains!) and one item was a lovely gift, so I am not feeling too bad about it. 


Nivea Lip Butter in Caramel Cream 
Superdrug (or Boots in-store) £1.49 - here
I mentioned the Nivea Lip Butters in my favourites of 2013 post (here) and said that I also wanted to get the Caramel Cream Lip Butter. At £1.49 it is hardly going to break the bank so I picked it up when shopping for some essential in Boots... I also had a sniff of the Vanilla & Macadamia one but didn't like it. Caramel Cream basically smells of popcorn yummy-ness and is such a lovely texture for a lip balm/butter. I can't rate these more highly for a budget lip product.

Topshop Cream Blush in Head Over Heels 
 John Lewis (or Topshop) - £6.00 here
At the beginning of the month I mentioned wanting to try more Topshop Cream Blushers in 2013 (wish list post - here) as I love Neon Rose; the only one I own. So when I was placing a John Lewis order for some boring-ish house things I also popped this into my basket (yes, John Lewis online sell Topshop makeup and you can pick up from JL or Waitrose stores for free!). I went for Head Over Heels are I have seen so many reviews of it and it seems to be the bloggers second favourite after Neon Rose. I haven't even swatched this yet but I am so excited to start using it as the shade looks perfect for pale skin like mine.

Garnier Ultimate Beauty Oil 
Feel Unique - £6.79 here
This was another product I mentioned wanting to try out because I have gotten a bit lazy with applying moisturiser and anything that I can spray on and quickly rub is perfect for getting me back into moisturising daily. I also loved that is contains argan oil, rose, almond oil and all those good types of oils that smell lovely. So far I have used this twice and love it! The scent is exactly what I expected... nothing too strong but you can definitely pick up the almond and rose. Also this is more of a dry oil so it leaves a weight-less satin finish to the skin that soaks in and doesn't make your skin feel sticky or clogged up if you have more oily skin. I just know I am going to love this product and use it a lot.

Maybelline Color Sensational Popsticks in Citrus Slice
Boots - £7.19 here
This was a spare of the moment purchase in Boots as I discovered a sneaky clearance corner in the back of the store with lots of pretty good products heavily reduced. Normally the Maybelline Popsticks are £7.19 (which I really wouldn't pay) but this was only £1! I had to get it because last year I broke my beloved L'Oreal Univeral Lip Glow which is a really similar sheer lip balm/tint that has a transparent bullet. I probably won't use this now and save it for Spring/Summer as I love juicy flavoured lip balms then. 
Nip + Fab Stiletto Fix
Feel Unique - £9.95 here
Another bargain find in the clearance section of Boots! Again not a product I would have normally purchased but this was only £1.15 from £9.95 and I love anything from Nip + Fab so had to get it. This product has actually come into my life at the right time as I have been neglecting my feet recently with it being winter and I have been getting an odd burning prickly feeling to my heels after walking any distance so this will be a good one to sooth it a little. The cream is a lovely smooth not overly thick balm that soaks into the feet and legs, cooling and reenergizing them with the zingy peppermint scent. I'm really liking this product so far!


Lady Gaga Fame EDP 50ml 
Now for a nice story about the generosity of another blogger and someone who also reads my blog! In my first wish list style post of 2013 I mentioned that I wanted Lady Gaga Fame after trying a small vial of it and really enjoying it. The same day after reading my post, Tessa from Fashion Resister to Fashionista emailed me to say that she had a bottle of Lady Gaga Fame that she didn't want and wanted to send me. I was totally over the moon by this and of course offered to pay for it through paypal but she insisted that I just have it! Such a lovely gesture that made my day and do not worry I made sure Tessa gave me her address and posted off some some products I thought she would like in return. Lady Gaga Fame is definitely the most unique looking fragrance I have... I am just in love with the black liqiud and it is quite a grown up/non-celebrity smelling scent.
Paul Smith Rose EDP 30ml 
Cheap Smells - £15.50 here
I wasn't planning on getting any more new fragrances as I now have three new ones, however I was browsing the Cheap Smells sale and spotted Paul Smith Rose - my ultimate spring time scent and it was only £13.00 for 30ml (it is now back to £15.50 - which is still a good price). This is basically a modern light rose scent that is perfect if you love simple floral scents or want a nice perfume for spring (I equally love Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely for spring).
Essie Mini Winter Collection Cube
Beauty Bay - £11.95 here
I mentioned this lovely set in my last post and did a NOTD with Beyond Cozy (post here) which is one of mini nail polishes in the set. I purchased this from ASOS as it was reduced and I knew I would like all of the shades. I cannot tell you how much I love this set already and highly recommend it if you like the look of the four shades. My two favourites from the set are Beyond Cozy (antique silver/light gold) and Leading Lady (Crimson glitter) but I also love the look of Where's My Chauffeur? (tiffany blue). 

Edit: I forgot to mention the two other products, that is the problem with blogging at 4am! The Mavala nail polish remover was another Boots clearance buy and the Gold Sharpie pen was only £2.70 from Ebay (here) which I plan to use as a nail art pen. 

If you would like any reviews of the products featured in this post just let me know in the comments below. 

I think no more spending for me for awhile! 

Fee xo. 

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