Snow Day Nails - Essie Beyond Cozy & Models Own Snowflakes


Wooooo snow day! 
I wasn't going to post twice today but as the lovely Essie set I bought arrived today I thought I would paint my nails and go out in the snow and take some pretty pictures.
The Essie Mini Winter Collection set was very much an enabled purchase because of Khila from Miss Budget Beauty, last month she tweeted me a nail picture of her wearing Essie Beyond Cozy to say how much I would like it - true enabler there! I stayed strong for over a month trying not to buy it but then ASOS went and reduced the Essie Winter Collection mini set (it is still only £12.50 - here!) that contained Beyond Cozy and I totally caved but I am sooooooo pleased I did as I love all four shades.

Essie Beyond Cozy is one of those lovely polishes that is in between a normal nail polish and a glittery one. So this only needs two coats, is fast drying and not overly gritty feeling on the nails... it also isn't as stubborn to remove as full on glitter nail polish either! I would describe the shade as an antique silver and it truly is like nothing else I own.

For added sparkle I decided to go for two coats of the wonderful Models Own Snowflakes (£5 - here) which is a delicate glitter that catches the light beautifully. 

Perfect nails for this snowy weather! 


Back to playing with Ruby in the snow until she decides it's too cold and goes and hides under the bench!

Hope you all have a nice wintery weekend. 

Fee xo.

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