NOTD - China Glaze Pure Joy

China Glaze Pure Joy

If China Glaze Pure Joy isn't the most perfect nail polish to wear with a Christmas jumper then I don't know what is! 

This is just one of China Glaze's Holiday offerings this year and it is indeed very festive looking. 

Pure Joy as you can see is a vibrant red glitter with the odd piece of gold glitter running through it. I like to call these types of glitter nail polish 'dry glitters' as they are opaque within 2-3 coats so no need to use a base nail polish colour and once they are dry they have quite a rough feel to them (which can get catch on clothing so I'd suggest a clear top coat) .

'Dry glitters' are definitely the hardest glitter nail polishes to remove however they are my favourite to use if I want to cover the whole nail or just do an accent nail in glitter. Actually in my DIY series I'm going to show something that helps remover glitter nail polishes really well that you can actually make yourself!

 As you can see China Glaze Pure Joy was one of my festive picks in my Autumn/Winer nail art (post - here) as it is just so festive looking. 

I find all China Glaze's nail polishes to be really high quality - dare I say even better than OPI. But sadly in the UK China Glaze isn't that widely available so I either purchase mine from eBay, Amazon or Sally Beauty stores (best for mini sets and new collections). 

You can find China Glaze Pure Joy along with the other polishes in the CG Holiday 2012 collection on Amazon UK for £6.95 (here) or if you don't mind buying internationally on eBay you can find a U.S listing (here) for £4.84.

Do not fear if you aren't into your festive/glitter polishes then I will still be doing normal NOTD's and nail art over November. I just had to share this with you while it was on my nails.

Fee xo.   

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