Free The Body Shop Gift Card with next months Glamour Magazine!

I know I have only just posted about the free Nails Inc nail polishes with this months Glamour magazine (post here) however I just discovered what next months freebie is, which is very Christmas appropriate and exciting! 

With each issue of Glamour January 2012 (out December 6) there will be a Joy Card from The Body Shop which will be loaded with a minimum of £3 but could contain £15 or even £100 to spend in-store. 

You simply take your card in to a Body Shop store and get it scanned to see how much is on the card. Then you have until January 8th to spend it. Just imagine if it was a £100 voucher! But even if you do get just a £3 gift card there is actually quite a lot of low priced products at The Body Shop this Christmas. I already have my eye on Ginger Sparkle or Vanilla Bliss Lip Dome (£5) and also a Lip Butter and mini Body Butter duo in a plastic bauble (£7). 

Also the three new limited edition ranges are Cranberry Joy, Vanilla Bliss and Gingerbread Sparkle - so Christmas-y 

Fee xo. 

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