Enjoying Celebrity Fragrances

SJP Lovely

I have always viewed Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely as a spring time perfume but as I haven't used it for so long I have been really enjoying it and I'm now thinking it's an autumn perfume as well. 

I'm pretty shocking at describing fragrances but if I had to describe this I would explain it as a powdery floral perfume that is light and fresh. 

I used this perfume through out spring time and now have just over half still left, which is pretty good! The fragrance isn't expensive at all, costing £14.89 for 30ml from Cheap Smells here which is great as I can spray it as much as I like, though this does last quite well on clothing/scarves I have noticed. 

 Now when I'm looking for a new fragrance I actually make sure to smell all the celebrity fragrances first as they generally are a lot cheaper than branded scents so I would much prefer to find a celebrity perfume I like and save my pennies - though I would maybe draw the line at buying a JLS fragrance. 

I have liked quite a few fragrances now from Sarah Jessica Parker such as Bloom, Covet and Lovely and also really like a few of the Harajuku Lovers perfumes by Gwen Stefani. Also back in college when I was 17/18 I use to in fact wear a Barbie perfume and actually get comments on how nice it was! 

Do you go for 'celeb' perfumes? If so, let me know which you like

Fee xo.

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