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I am a bit of a daydreamer to say the least! It tends to happen when I have a to-do list the length of my arm. I can happily sit and daydream in my own little bubble for quite some time!

Daydreams of what I will first buy when I win the Euro Millions Lottery, what I would name my children if I actually wanted children... oh, and another favourite is if I could design my own range of makeup what would it be like! Of course it would have to be called Makeup Savvy. 

So this really is a nothing type of post about my recent random daydreamings! Lucky you haha.

My latest daydream occurred when I was looking through Makeup: The Ultimate Guide, a makeup book by Rae Morris - here. It got me thinking that there really aren't many good, in-depth makeup books out there. Though I do really like the Rae Morris one. So my mind of course trailed off thinking about which makeup artists I would like to see a book from. Lisa Eldridge instantly came to mind. I can imagine a lovely coffee table style book that is a mixture of makeup knowledge and amazing photography and of course there would be sections on Lisa herself and pictures of her cat, Betty! 

 I would also love to see the Pixiwoo sisters come out with a book, but nothing gimmicky at all, as they really are above that with their experience and talent in the beauty world. So I would hate to see a book similar to what Lauren Luke brought out (not that there was anything wrong with it, but it was aimed at a younger audience).

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 Someone else I would love to see a book from even though it wouldn't be a beauty book, would be Rose from The Londoner. I can so vividly see what the book would be like! It would be a lifestyle book on fashion, food, travel and shopping. Where to find the best burger in New York/London, how to create a capsule wardrobe and of course her recipe for Slutty Brownies would have to be in there.

Another recent daydream I've had was about if I could have my own beauty box! It definitely isn't realistic and will never happen but really how amazing would it be if a blogger started up their own beauty box subscription company - I mean how much knowledge would they have of beauty products to make it a great. No including toothpaste samples or perfume samples that retail £150 full size! It's a given my beauty box would be called the Makeup Savvy box and would be a white gloss box with my blog logo on the front. My daydreaming haven't gone past that part yet so all I know is that the products would be high-street and 'savvy'!

I will stop there though, because really I could go on all day about the things that pop in to my head! 

Please do feel free to ramble back to me in the comments! Which makeup artist or blogger would you like to see a book from? 

Fee xo.

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